A Lovely Day for a Parade

I am stunned, but we actually pulled it off!!  We decided to make a smaller version out of cardboard that we could attach to her dog blanket.  I figured since she’s semi-used to wearing the doggie coat, maybe it wouldn’t seem so freaky.
We started out with three cardboard sides, colored to look like a wooden chest.  The girls (Kiki and her cousin N.) drew ‘woodgrain’ on it, and painted gold bands –

We cut ‘coins’ out of cardboard, glued them on and painted them gold.  We glued on crowns and jewels and swirled glitter glue around to add extra sparkle….


This is the dog-sized horse blanket which is our dog’s rain coat, that we attached this whole dealie to….

The unsuspecting victim….

And she’s sooo thrilled about it, heheh.

But, it worked!!  The walk just to the end of our subdivision to line up was awful – Kiki was excited but nervous, (so she was a bit on the snotty and freaked out side)  Merry didn’t want to walk nice on the leash… we’d lost one set of coins and a crown before the parade even started…. but!  Once she got to start walking, Merry was such a good girl!  She just stepped out lively with her head held high.  I walked the route with them, just off to the edge, and I heard lots of nice comments about the "pirates and their treasure chest", lol.  All in all, I guess I have to say it was worth the effort.

Waiting to line up –

Lined up –

and off we go!!

Oh, yeah, this is one of the great things about living in Small Town, USA.  Not every kid gets to be in a parade!

Like I said, it was a beautiful day.

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  1. What a wonderful project and the results are awesome as shown by your pictures.  Merry look like she knew she was on parade and so queenly.  Kiki and her friend look very "professional".  Good job all the way around.

  2. This just made my day!!  You are so creative, Ann, and it looks like the talents are in your daughter, too!
    Loved the pictures  🙂
    Small towns are great fun.

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