Time for a trip to the Witch Doctor

Alright, alright, I give already!!!  I will put aside my stubborness and rebellion and try to take care of myself… you see, at this moment, I am in intense pain.  It’s my gut.  Kiki really wanted me to describe how I felt – because the whole "I’m not sick, I feel well enough, I’m just in pain" wasn’t quite working for her.  I told her, it’s like this:  "My intestines feel like someone filled them with air, and now little men are running around in there with torches and spears."  This is not the first time this has happened… it sent me nearly crawling into a doctor’s office back when we lived in Salt Lake City, and that doctor told me I probably had ‘Diverticulitis’.   You notice the ‘probably’ and you know I’m not keen on doctors anyhow, so I just dealt with the pain and eventually it went away.  It shows up now and then.  This time it’s less intense than the bout that sent me to the doctor, but it’s lasted longer… yuck.  So, I pulled out this book we have by "Kevin Tru*deau" titled Natural*Cures "they" don’t want you to kn*w about .  I didn’t find the disease by name, but everything I’m dealing with – reflux, bloating,, obesity, irregularity, etc. etc….. in each one of the cases,  ‘candida’ is listed as one of the probable causes.   Candida, basically, is a yeast that naturally occurs in our gut but goes crazy if you eat too much sugar.  All the gals I know at school – my sister among them – who have lost weight and feel immensly better have gone to the naturalist to get rid of their candida deal.  So, it doesn’t surprise me, but I haven’t wanted to deal with ridding my life of all sugar.  So, what, this is better???  Geez I’m a dork sometimes.  Anyway, I am going to call him and make an appointment – then I will probably be whining a lot here about how I hate what I have to eat – or, actually, hate that I don’t get to eat the stuff I like and live on right now.  Hope you bear with me.
p.s. Alan came home from work midday and took Kiki out for a "lunch date".  How sweet is that?

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  1. Taking Kiki out for lunch is REALLY SWEET!
    Well, I am glad you are going to the doctor with having pain like that and praying he will have the wisdom and discernment to be of real help to you.

  2. I was diagnosed Diverticulitis last year when I went  to the doc for pain in my lower right side. It took 3- 4 tests to come up with an answer. The surgeon said i had Diverticulitis and showed me the scans to prove it. He also warned me that having part of my colon removed might not make the pain go away. He was right. Although almost all of it is gone. I feel allot better after having the operation. No ill affects. Diverticulitis is called an American disease because its caused by poor eating habits and affects some 50 60% of us over 60 and 80% over 80. Crazy numbers huh.
    Have a great day

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