A Day in the Life

Somedays it seems like the school year will never really be over.  Last Thursday was the last actual school day, but on Friday we had to go in to order curriculum for next year as well as try to sell our used books to other families… then, tomorrow we go back once again for classroom cleaning, school assembly, then a picnic.  Well, it was supposed to be a picnic and games and such; however, the weather forecast is calling for cool weather and rain, so it probably won’t be as fun as the kids were hoping for.   Then on Thursday night we have our last school board meeting….maybe then we’ll be done for the summer, eh? 
I’ve decided to try to accomplish at least one thing each day this summer.  That may not sound like much, but I’ve slid thru the last few years just "making it through" each day, only doing what had to be done, and I want more.  Starting small seems reasonable.   Yesterday I weeded the front flower beds and trimmed up the bushes there.  It looks so much better.  Today we (Kiki and I) took a walk around the neighborhood and dropped off advertising cards for my friend’s consignment clothing business.  We didn’t get as far as I’d have liked, but at least we began.  As soon as I’m done here, I think I’m going to head over to the nursery and pick up some colorful annuals to plant.  (it seems like all I have out front is green or yellow… that’s it.  I need color!!) I probably shouldn’t spend the money (or even the gas $$!) but, oh, well.    I have a large(ish) wall calendar, and I think I will write up on the side ‘notes’ area all I want to accomplish this summer, then sort of spread that out over the actual dates and see where that gets me…. I seem to do better if I have a list to ‘check off’ as I go…. Of course, you have to know that my hope is also that as I do more, I will eat less…. sort of dieting in reverse, you could say.  Because it  hasn’t been working too great the other way ’round. 
Well, off I go, to accomplish some minor yet neccessary thing!!

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  1. Good for you Ann! Small steps will get you started and you have a plan to keep it going. Great things can happen this summer! Best wishes! Vonnie

  2. You have just explained the teachers life in the first part of your blog…lol…home school or other.
    Sounds like a great plan, Ann, and it is what I do, one day at a time, smaller plan and "to do" lists that add up to the whole, checking them off as I go, and doing a bit of shuffling around as necessary, but not feeling overwhelmed.
    BIG HUGS to you!

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