Prayer Request

Toss up a little prayer for me today, alright?  I am feeling – well – strange.  I have no real description for it.  Today Kiki and I had to take something to Alan at work that he’d forgotten, and while we were out my eyes started acting weird – like, all around the periphery it was blurry and I could see little rainbows…. pretty, maybe, but not normal!  It lasted at least 20 minutes, and finally I just told her "we have to go home" because I felt a little dizzy and ‘out of  it’ so to speak.  This eye thing happened about a week ago, but just for a few minutes.  So, when we got home I layed down for a bit, and it went away.  But now as I sit here, it seems like my vision isn’t quite right.  Like, I’m straining a bit to read this as I post it, and that’s never been an issue before.  And like I said, I just feel a bit "out of it".  I don’t know any other way to describe it.  I am going to go try to mow the lawn…. maybe the fresh air will do me good.   Any hoo, keep me in your prayers today… thank you.

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  1. Hey, a friend just went to the eye doctor for the same thing, thought she was getting glaucoma. He told her it was just bad allergies really affecting her eyes.  I know my allergies have been horrible in the same town as you, and I have been doing OTC allergy eye drops and they have been helping quite a bit.  Feel free to email if you have questions, but I wanted the reply to be public just in case others were having the same problem.  -L

  2. Hi… I hope today finds you with no eye problems but, I\’ll add you to my prayers anyway. Don\’t dilly-tally around with it – go see your doctor. Eye issues are nothing to mess around with….  :o)

  3. I hope you go to the doctor and get yourself checked out.  Your health and your eyes are important.  I am praying, but better safe than sorry!

  4. Please go to the eye Dr. this week to get that checked out. What it may be for one person may not be for another. I don\’t mean to alarm you, but you just never know. It will be comforting to know when the Dr. tells you it\’s nothing – especially if it continues. You must be so busy with the end of school stuff with Kiki….how is Alan\’s job going? Was May a good month? Hope so!!! ~Caty

  5. I hope your eye issue has been taken care of.  Hope you went to your doc.  Making a plan to do one thing a day is good.  Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with too many things to do.  Check your list and give yourself a pat on the back when you do it.  Keep on keepin\’ on!

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