Mama’s Midlife Madness – The Puppy Chapter


Oh, Yeah.  What Puppy.  Well…about that.  You probably know I’ve had this wild-hair-up-my-hiney called MUST HAVE ANOTHER DOG for awhile now.  I’m not sure what causes that; probably an all-out love of animals which sometimes causes grief.  Case in point.  This is what led me to bring home that Springer a couple weeks back, remember?   So, I’ve been looking in the paper, online, Craig’s List, you know, anywhere I thought I might find something interesting.  Then I found this old book I’ve had called Your Purebred Puppy.  It’s all about finding out what kind of dog would be best for you and your family.  Which seems kind of silly, because I’ve had dogs (of all sorts) my whole life.  But I thought, well, maybe there is a breed out there I haven’t thought about.  Yeah.  I know.  This chick is crazy.  So I decided I want an English Setter.  I found a local breeder who had a litter and off we went…Alan and I went out Saturday. I want a male, and I want it Lemon or Orange (that is, with yellow or orange markings, lol!)  So he had two pups left; the black and white female he is keeping, and an orange and white male.  He is soooo dang cute!!  Look at those green eyes!

But, here was the problem… (yeah; with me, it’s always the problems!!)  He was the last puppy left because he has this growth on his hind leg.  The breeder’s vet said it was probably just a wart and would fall off.  Uh huh.  But, the breeder had all the right answers to the other questions, about the Health Certifications, and why he bred his dog, and the bloodlines, and what-have-you.  So. Alan and I left – (to buy a vacuum because mine broke 2 weeks ago, which means my house looks scarier than ever!) and we talked.  And decided it was worth a shot.  The breeder agreed to hold our check until we had the puppy checked out by our own vet and decided if we’d keep him or not.  We had the puppy for three days.  He was a really good little guy… I mean, sure, he pooped on the carpet, but he’s a puppy!  It’s part of the deal.  But, he was smart as a whip, only whined for like 5 minutes when we’d crate him up for the night, was learning to get along with the Bob and Merry, understood "down" and mostly picked up only his own toys and not Kiki’s… I think he’d have been really easy to train.  And sweet!!  Oh, my.  And it was so funny to watch him ‘point’ birds, not to mention pointing the cat, lol!  Boy, is that an ingrained instinct!  However…. yeah, there had to be that, didn’t there??  I took him to my vet yesterday, and $86.00 later I found out he has a non-malignant tumor that needs to be removed at the cost of $400+.  And, no knowing if he’s susceptible to them or not…. Well, I know anything can happen with a pet, but I also think that you don’t want to start out with issues right off.  In fact, I’d been praying all morning "Lord, you know I want a second dog, and I really like this little guy.  If he’s the dog for us, then let this be simple and inexpensive.  But, if there is some reason I’m not supposed to get a new dog right now, then let it be expensive and possibly problematic."  You have to agree, God answered that pretty plainly.  Dang it.  My vet didn’t say what I should do, of course, because they just don’t, but I could tell he thought it wasn’t the best idea ever to go ahead and buy this pup – I mean, same reason – why start with a problem?  When I went up front to pay, the gal asked me "So, did you hear what you wanted?" and I had to say "No, not really."  She asked if we were going to keep him, and when I told her no she said "Well, I wasn’t going to say anything if you’d decided to keep him, but I can tell you now that I got a Brittany pup who had a bump like that, and I figured ‘no big deal’ and got her, and she’s only a year and a half old, but if I didn’t work here, she’d be an $1,800.00 dog at this point – it’s just been one thing after another with her."  So, I guess that confirmed my decision. 

We took him back last night.  The breeder was totally nice about it, wondered if we’d want him if his vet did the removal (but, no, it’s just not right) and then said he’d keep our names because his brother also breeds and will probably have a litter next year…(and the vet said to tell the breeder it’s not genetic or anything, just a fluke deal that happens sometimes) so, that’s the end of this little chapter for now.  I just pray he’ll find a loving home, because he really deserves one.  Well, all dogs do.

That’s the end of my dog search for now.  After two failures, I am just bruised in the heart and can’t take it anymore for awhile.  Poor Merry was so stressed out after the pup disappeared she threw up all over the place… I’m doing the laundry as we speak…. Bob, he’s relaxing somewhere.  Sometimes, I don’t understand why I do what I do.  But I can’t help myself, I guess.   So, there you have it – the puppy story in all it’s sad detail.  I am pretty sure, tho, that someday when I am up for it, I will get an English Setter…. even Alan said he’d sure like that kind of dog.

Cute and mischievious

Trying to make friends with Merry

Bob the Brave

Playing with Kiki

Looking for Bob

Bob hiding!



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  1. a lot to be said about good old mixed muts to you know.  Perhaps down the road you will find a new one.  I love mine yet for some reason I always wind up parting with them for one reason or another.  Move to a place where I can\’t have them or something but there is always a loving home that wants them.  I train the well.  Love the pictures of the cat hiding.  So cat like.  LJ

  2. He is a beautiful pup and I do pray along with you that he gets people that can afford the cost of taking care of him and his specialized needs. 
    Really enjoyed your pictures, as always.

  3. People that like and are kind to animals are the best kind of people.  He is a lovely dog and the springer was too.  Merry and Bob are lucky to have such a loving home.

  4. What cute pictures! It\’ll all work out in the end.
    About the characters from Cars, I found a website that listed the characters with their real-life inspirations. I didn\’t know about the real people until I saw that website. There\’s a link to it in my blog. I can\’t remember the address off the top of my head.
    Have a great day!

  5. I so feel for you and your bruised heart. After Lollie had four puppies and two died, and we sold two, I couldn\’t stand it.  I had Lollie fixed right away.  I told my husband that I couldn\’t stand that kind of heartache again.  I am sure that the right puppy will show up, when you least expect it.  My next dog is going to be a purebred toy fox terrier. 😉

  6. Well, they certainly were color coordinated in the pictures.  I\’m sorry that things didn\’t work out for you.
    Dave ended up going motorcycle riding with friends in the evening of his birthday.  I was fine staying home with the kids and we just saw each other throughout the day.  We had an exciting day the day before with the news from the dr.
    Wishing you the best!

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