In Spite of it All, I Consider Myself Blessed

So I’m in the kitchen, trying to get the puppy to eat… Kiki comes in to get a pen, she pops it open and c r a c k  there is a puddle of black ink filling up her hand…I yell at her "don’t move!!" and she doesn’t – almost.  She is tipping her hand side to side, stunned at the ink there.  Of course this means ink is dripping from her hand to the hardwood floor.  I spin around to get some paper towels and wipes and nearly trip over the puppy.  I whip my arm out to balance myself and knock a glass off the counter.  It shatters on the floor.  I now have a kitchen full of ink, glass, teary-eyed little girl and stunned puppy.  I holler at Alan (who is blissfully unaware as he watches TV in the other room) "I need you NOW!!!"  He comes in, I shove the pup at him and say "watch him while I clean up this mess!"  He takes him into the den, where he isn’t really watching so the pup, who begins to poo on the rug!  (I should’ve put him right out since he’d eaten, but, well, you know, I was sort of occupied!!)  He grabs the puppy who is now yelping and carries him outside, though the flow doesn’t really stop…
Well, I got the mess cleaned up, put the pup in his crate and went to bed, grateful for a few hours of peace!  This morning the pup got out front and Alan had to chase him halfway down the block – that dog was just heading out – fast!! – for parts unknown, I guess!!  Crap.  In so many ways.  You know, I’m the one who’s been on this ‘bug-up-my-booty’ gotta get another dog deal…. because I’m kinda crazy like that.  Some days, I wonder why Alan puts up with me.
We finally got everything sort of under control, and Alan headed out to work, and Kiki and I to the Co-op.  My  phone rings, and it’s Alan.  You know what he says to me???
Honey, I just want you to know…I love you  because of who you are, not in spite of it.
I just gotta love the man who loves me like that!!

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  1. Sounds like one of my poopy days.  I wonder why my husband loves me sometimes too.  Glad we can both realize how blessed we are, even though I still want to react to the poop better…  You know, the way that has fruit of the Spirit in it.  Yeah.

  2. What puppy is this??  I must have missed something.
    I\’ve had poopy days like that…  not even involving dogs!!

  3. Puppy? What puppy?  Boy, girl? What breed? How long have you had it?  What is its name?  Puppy pictures?  Come on girl, you are holding out on us here!

  4. well i am glad that he loves you…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

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