Can I take a breath now?

It looks like I’m finally off the home page for Windows Spaces, so maybe now I can get back to my blog-walking and a normal amount of folks checking in here… maybe I’ll even quit getting comments about ‘buying gold’ or ‘peeons for hire’ (what the????) or just stuff in Chinese that I can’t even read… I’m so tired of all that stuff, and no way to block it, sigh…. so maybe it’s just us again, eh?  You, my friends on this place, old and new, the ones who actually comment and care
So, what’s new?  Not my weight, unfortunately.  I think I’ll do better over the summer – when I don’t have to talk to all the other moms about what they are and aren’t eating, and the nutritional supplements they’re taking and blah blah blah.  It’s that nasty little rebellious streak I’m fighting with, that, upon hearing the ‘marvelous habits’ of those skinny gals just whispers in my head "whatever, who cares what they do…hey, let’s go get a donut on the way home…"   Why couldn’t I have rebelled in my teen years like a normal person and be over it now?? 
Nothing has changed financially yet… but nothing bad has happened either…. just drifting along with the tide, I guess, and waiting to see where it takes us.
I’m in a bit of a funk… as per normal, really, huh?  Why doesn’t that change so easily?
Only 2 more weeks of school after this one!  Yay!!  I’m really ready to be done…in fact, I’ve mentally checked out already.  You know, more than usual. 
Well, Kiki is bringing a friend home after school, and the house is a mess (what a shocker, eh?!) so I guess I need to at least make the place semi-presentable before this afternoon….
I’m hoping to come around and check on you all one of these days, soon…

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  1. I did rebel with the eating whatever I wanted in high school and I\’m still doing it 15 years later too!
    Hope you all have fun with Kiki\’s friend tonight and Alan is able to make some great commissions this month!

  2. All those comments on \’gold\’ and in chinese are probably computor generated. A \’captcha\’ (those little boxes you see on some blogs that want you to copy the weird symbols before it will post your comment) will stop that because a computor can not read and copy those letters.  I have no idea how to add one but try to goggle the word \’captcha\’ or ask around to someone who could help with that. 

  3. Stress internal/external same thing does different things to different people.  Many of us who weigh less now, have so much inner stress that is burning it off you would not want.  What I eat to stay healthy yet don\’t gain weight right now, most people could not do either because they would think they would starve. 
    Lose it slow is the best way, less food more calories, yes, no lunch equals one donut,  works for me.  LJ

  4. I hope your funk has lifted, Ann. Isn\’t it the pits when you\’re not feeling good? But count your blessings – I know you have a lot of positive things in your life. How is Alan and the job going???? I hope his sales picked up last week. Thinking of you, Caty

  5. Thinking of you Ann and hoping your days are getting brighter. God is a great listener! We miss you, take care.

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