RV News ~ the good, the bad, & the ugly

The good news is:  Alan was salesman of the month for April!  Yay him!  That means he sold the most RV’s for the month.  And he was only selling for three weeks!
The bad news is:  That corresponded to very little commission.  It’s not how many you sell, it’s how much profit there is in each unit.  He made some really good deals for some customers… but, the better the deal for them, the worse it is for him, which kind of sucks.  His paycheck for this month?  Less than half what he was making in his old job… and we were barely making ends meet then.  So…how???  I dunno.
& the ugly news is:  Finding out your bosses are sort of the weaselly type of characters you always suspected ‘car salesmen’ to be.   Alan has integrity.  It’s part of who he is.  This makes being a salesman hard.  Because to be a "good" salesman, you sort of have to talk people into stuff they don’t want, or can’t afford…or twist the truth abit.  Like, the new finance guy told him "hey, units a., b. and c. are on sale."  Alan – Oh, good, for what price? "Well, just tell your customer it’s $3000 higher than the sticker, then offer it to them at the sticker".   What??!!  Alan will so not do that!  Because he is honest.  Because we hate when salesmen try that slimy stuff on us.  We both sort of had a feeling it would be this way… because that’s how the business is…they are in it to make money.  End of story.  I guess he hoped it would be different with this place, somehow. 
Here is how Alan is looking at the  whole deal:  "God has a plan.  For whatever reason, this is the only job I could find.  For whatever time period God wants me here, I will do my best – while being honest and holding to the Lord’s standards of how I should treat people.  I will not lie, I will not be a weasel.  If the Lord wants me to make a living at this,  He will sent the right customers my way.  If this is not the job for me, God will send me another opportunity."
He has such a great attitude toward this!  He is just totally resting in the Lord.  The same cannot be said about me!  I am pretty much FREAKING out about how we are ever going to pay our bills without coming out the other side in serious debt, which we just took ages to get out of.  You know me; I’m a bit negative – sure, I totally believe God is in control.  I believe He will do what is best for me – for my "character"….not necessarily what I think is best.  I mean, God has always been in charge… uhm, my marriage fell apart once, we’ve been in bankruptcy once, had more than one car repossessed over the years…. I mean, sure, it was usually because of bad choices on the part of at least one of us if not both…but, well, how do I know what God has planned??  Is it to provide well, or is it to let us show others how to react well when you lose everything??   Lol, okay, I’m not that messed up – yet – but, well, my mind runs there sometimes.  I’m trying, honest. 
On the lighter side:
Kiki and I were waiting for our turn at a place today, and we were having a discussion.  She was just arguing with me to argue with me (too much like her dad ) and I called her on it – she was like, yeah, I just enjoy it.  I told her "well, you’ll do good when it’s time for debate class."  Her reply?  "Yeah, all I’ll have to do is pretend the other person is you."  

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  1. Hi Ann – First of all, Congrats to Alan for making Salesman of the month! I\’m glad he is doing so well…and congrats to him for not losing his integrity along the way…sounds like his boss is a total slimeball!! And you\’re right, he\’ll stick it out as long as he can, but maybe in the meantime he can be looking for something else?? Life is so hard sometimes….but I know you will make it through. Have you thought about going back to work? I know that\’s an ugly word, but I\’ve had to do it through this economically troubling time and it\’s not so bad. I\’m learning so much and helping out with the finances which feels good. Even if you worked part-time? What kind of work have you done in the past? My husband has not worked for three months and he just picked up a part-time job but it\’s not enough in the long run…so we\’re just getting by with our two paychecks…he has a couple things he\’s waiting on, so let\’s hope they work out….keep us posted on things, Caty

  2. Wow! Good for Alan on all fronts! It is a yucky world and the buisness world proves it daily! Our second son called last week so upset. His bosses came to the tech employees (he\’s a mechanic at a dealership) and told them they were to "find" add on jobs on the vehicles they work on. Of course they will be rewarded for there efforts by getting vouchers towards a monthly reward, hence the more repairs you find and sell a customer the more vouchers and chances to win a bit of a bonus. And they will track each of them and their "progress". Raising christian chjildren is so very important. They need their faith to uphold their principles. Praying that those we love can remain in their integrity and still have a job.

  3. well hopefully sales will pick up and things will start falling into place…don\’t give up just yet… 
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  4. Your "RV Sales" story about Alan is wonderful. Congrats on his number of sales in such a short period…in a new job! I had actually considered RV Sales since my husband and I both love to travel and camp. I was afraid it was like car sales. Thanks for the validation. I have such compassion for being the Christian wife of a Christian husband trying to work with integrity in this world, trying to make enough money to, at least survive, hallelujah to get ahead! The compromises that are expected are ridiculous. We, also, don\’t give in. Believe me, we have also had to develop "character" by going into tremendous debt, getting evicted, moving around a lot, living in situations that are not the quality we would prefer, etc. However, within that, we have seen the blessings that we now know how to live with very little. We have eliminated the need to spend our time slaving to pay for unnecessary "things" to keep up with social pressures, and instead, to identify what we really use, need, and are emotionally tied to. We have had wonderful things happen within there. We have spent more time being dedicated to our loving marriage than we have been dedicated to a job. Not to say that we don\’t work. It\’s to say that our priorities truly have become family, rather than money. The money does come. The timing often isn\’t when we think we need it the most, but it is. Usually the biggest issues we have with God\’s timing, are "what are others going to think of us if we can\’t or don\’t…" It forces us to take a look at the "image" factor, and how unimportant it really is. Faith, love, character, integrity, etc. really create "image". One\’s house and car and job can be replaced…and, with something more appropriate…later.
    One more note, my husband and I have come believe in "sequences of events" rather than "time". The clock, calendar, etc., is merely a way to mark "time" for work and social reasons.  God seems to mark time with sequences of events.  And He doesn\’t care what ANYONE thinks about Him or His Children\’s image. He is efficient. When we ask to have a problem solved, He intends to provide the solution. It is amazing to see Him solve our problems. His solutions are always done so much more beautifully than we could have ever planned, usually including resolutions for more people and situations than we could have ever imagined or included. It CAN be frightening, because going with God is like tubing down the river rapids, half the time you are just hanging on for dear life. But when the ride is over, you look back with pride and exhileration and think…I could do that AGAIN!
    By the way, yours is the first "space" I\’ve ever looked at…and I have been quite amazed. Thanks for sharing. We have much in common in our interests and thinking. God Bless you and your family! Keep up the faith!

  5. I have been looking for likeminded people here on live spaces. It\’s been rather difficult because I am unfamiliar with the way they catagorize people. I hope you will visit my space and enjoy the antics of hubby, kids and grandkids. Keeping to one\’s principles in a world where principles are shaped by daily preferences can be very diffcult. I hope things will begin to work out for your husband\’s job. Kathy

  6. I had a Chrisitan sales manager give me a book entitled "Non-Manipulative Selling". Here is the amazon link with a good customer review.  http://www.amazon.com/Non-manipulative-selling-Anthony-J-Alessandra/dp/0835949354/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1210386615&sr=1-1 Basiclly, it is saying that anyone can lie and sell something once. But the best salesmen are those that honestly serve their customers, making repeat sales and reccommendation sales. Your husband will do well. Kevin

  7. Hi Ann,
    Kudos to Alan!  Even better that he has the integrity to serve the Lord in all walks of life.
    God has a plan for your lives and I am certain that good things are coming.   (I know there is a horse in your future!!)
    I used to tell our Alan that he should be a lawyer when he used to argue with me! 
    Thinking of you…

  8. Alan sounds like a person of integrily…..a rare find in any profession, but particularly in car salesmen.  I does seem like it overflows to other areas of his life. Good for him and good for you.  Blessings will come both your ways and will continue to grow.  I am thrilled that you are homeschooling with suck success.  Brag away!!!  I\’ll be keeping an eye on you as you sound great.  Eileen

  9. Yup…mother-daughter stuff.  I got a wonderful laugh out of that…so glad you shared it! 
    Do you know, even at my age, I have to be careful with my own mother…because of the tendency to think differently… and want it my way?  We actually work well together most of the time.  She does things her way and I do things mine…respecting each others territory.  It is when they merge that I have to be careful.  My mom is such an easy going lady, particular in her way, but not with my kind of personality, which is more like my dads, and I rely on the Lord to help me see when I need to back off. 
    I like that she is willing to have her say more than she ever did when my dad was alive…and K and I encourage that. 
    God will bless Alan, you, and your family, for keeping integrity, of that I am sure.   

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