For Caty and anyone else who wonders – My Marriage Story – or part of it, anyhow

Alright, I think I know how to do this now – thanks to everyone who sent me helpful messages!
Feel free to ask questions if you need more…. that doesn’t mean I’ll answer them all, but hey, feel free to ask!! 

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  1. I think I did read that blog before… but it was well worth rereading… and a great blessing.  When I began blogging I also wrote a few blogs about my first marriage and how the Lord helped me through the disaster of a failed marriage.  It takes two to be willing to allow God to heal a marriage… and I commend you both for allowing God to guide and have control of your lives and choices.
    It was something I sincerely wished, and will always have peace that God\’s forgiveness and desire to make it work was within me by His Grace, which I would not have been able to have had in just myself.  Because it does take two…that did not materialize…though God showed Himself so strong on my behalf…with His wonderful Grace, and blessed me years later with my most excellent husband, K.  God is always faithful… and anything that we think we sacrifice for Him does not compare to the Love and Grace He bestows…which just heightens my desire to be faithful by His Grace.

  2. Thanks for sharing the link – I\’d read that before but am so glad I got to read it again. It is wonderfully written Ann and such an incredible testimony of God\’s unwavering love for us.

  3. What a wonderful testimonial to the power of God and also to you, Ann, for your forgiving heart. When I was younger, I always thought that if my husband cheated on me, he\’d be history.. but I have a couple friends who this has happened to, and they worked through it and their marriages are better than ever. I think they looked at their marriage, and changed things that they needed to change, too. It takes two. So here\’s to your wonderful marriage, Ann! The camping abandonment part of the blog was heartbreaking. It\’s so sad that as children we don\’t have the maturity yet to see things how they really are. Your parents drove away not seeing or hearing you scream and you thought they just didn\’t want to pick you up – so tragic. Glad you did the 12-step to get through that one. You have done a lot of hard work, Ann, and sounds as though now you\’re ready to tackle the weight issue – you are so inspiring! 😀 Keep up the good work, Caty


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