Mama’s Got Braggin’ Rights!

I have a feeling this has far more to do with Kiki’s inherent abilities than with my awesome teaching, but I just have to brag her up a little here!  Back in, March I believe it was, the co-op kids all took the ITBS tests… those are the "Iowa Tests of Basic Skills" that schools nationwide are supposed to give.  I don’t think most homeschoolers take this test, for various reasons, but at the Co-op we give them – mainly to show the ‘outside’ world that homeschooled kids are certainly not behind in their education.  The tests (at least at the Co-op, I don’t know about ‘regular’ schools) are first given in 4th grade, so this was Kiki’s first shot at it.  Well, let me tell you – WOW!!  We got her test results back yesterday – here’s a blip from her score description:
Kiki earned a composite grade equivalent of 9.1 on the Level 10 test.  This means that her test performance was approximately the same as that of a typical student in the ninth grade at the end of the first month. 
So, I’m not sure how these tests work – what is involved in them.  Does that mean most 9th graders are really low achievers, or is my kid pretty dang bright??   Somewhere in there it did say  Her overall achievement appears to be high for fourth grade.  On one graph they have it all broken out as to how your child did on each group of tests (Math, Science, Language, etc.) and the Grade Equivalent score on each section – in ‘Language Usage and Expression’ she ranked 13+!  That’s college, people!  I guess the non-stop jabbering has paid off for her, eh?!  So, I told her "don’t you ever again tell me ‘I can’t do it, mom, I don’t get it’….those days are over, missy!"  Lol.
Okay, so Linda tells me that what really counts is the NPR on the test – "National Percentile Rank".  Here are the results:   Kiki’s composite NPR of 99 means that she scored higher than 99 percent of fourth grade students nationally. 
You just can’t make me stop bragging here, people!!  Lol!!
Well, today is Derby Day!!  I’m going to go plant myself in front of the tv for a bit.  It’s not quite as fun as back in our espresso bar owning days, when I had my own bookie…lol… now it doesn’t really matter which horse wins.  I love watching those horses run, though!

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  1. Big pat on the back for both you and Kiki!  Yes, those are excellent scores, and they do mean that she has successfully learned the skills of the grade level and placement in the parts of year you mentioned, compared to all other students taking the test.   
    My private school students in First Grade, on average, scored much higher, and went far beyond their grade level, and compared percentages, with their public school counterparts taking the same tests.  We did well against other private schools, as well.  They did testing in First Grade because our principle wanted to see how we compared with the rest of the country from Kindergarten through all the grade levels.  For me, it was also a small way to see how I was doing as a teacher, and where I could fine-tune and improve to be more effective every student.  We didn\’t teach to a test, but did use tests as a foundational point, for a basic standard of skill knowledge to build on. 

  2. Hi there.  Good job.  Yes, those test scores are tricky.  What it means is that she scored as well as a 9.1 grader taking the LEVEL 10 test would.  Not that she could take the level 14 test and get that high.  Does that make sense?  The best indication is the NPR which is the percentage compared to rest of the nation.  You need an 80 for Summa Cum Laude (?sp), Natl Honor Society, and the BIGGIE, good student drivers\’ discount.Still a very good job.  Remember it is all a trend.  See what she gets next year and you will be able to tell if you (and the school) need to focus better on certain areas.  Mine are consistently low in spelling no matter how hard we work.  Hazards of a phonics approach to reading, it will work itself out.6 days eating better and walking…. yeah

  3. Yeah, I wondered about the "Level 10" and what that meant…is that the test they give all 4th graders, or what?   However, her NPR is 99%…so, I guess that\’s pretty good, huh?

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