My New Project

I am doing a photography project that I call:
I am trying to find every letter of the Alphabet to photograph, which I can then use to make wall designs and stuff like, our last name, or Kiki’s name for her bedroom wall, or…well, who knows?  I’m hoping to find some ‘natural made’ as well…. like these:
That last one, I’m not sure if it’s a Y or a V…. guess I should’ve gotten more of the trunk….
I even found a word: 
A good one for Mother’s Day!
This is what Alan and I did as we walked around downtown today…. I asked him if he’d mind, and he actually quite enjoyed it!  We saw things today in a whole new way, and we had a blast.  One last thing we saw today, that has nothing to do with letters ~
the first goslings of spring!

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  1. What a creative idea!  You have such a great brain. Glad to hear that you and Alan had a nice day.

  2. That is cool.  My initial thought was Y on the tree.  (initial, get it?) LOL I crack myself up sometimes.Sorry I haven\’t been by in a while.. I don\’t know why not.  The women\’s retreat sounded great.  I hope you can get your sleep apnea checked out my dad has that it and having the thing to take care of that at night has made a world of difference to him. 

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