RV Selling Update

If you can remain calm, you just don’t have all the facts.
(Okay – first – I found my way back to the English language.  Which is quite helpful.)
Alan really likes his job.  He has sold 5 units already!  In 2&1/2 weeks!  Which actually isn’t good if you’ve been at it awhile, but really good for a newbie.  He’s really happy with what he’s doing.  (really really really – geez, is that the only word I know???)  How do I like it?? Maybe not so much.  Here is the problem …. when hired he was told he’d be salaried for the first couple months ’til he was up and running.  Of course he didn’t get that in writing!  In fact, when I asked how much that salary would be he couldn’t give me a number.  Sometimes he makes me crazy, but that’s a whole different blog!  Well, turns out he was misinformed – by the finance manager, who got fired a couple days ago.  Hmmm.  No, he’s straight commission.  N–ice.  He doesn’t even know what commission will be on the units he’s sold…. the total isn’t done until the sale is completely done (it’s all based on how much $$ is actually made on the deal, etc.)  So, our pay for next month could be – I have no idea.  Maybe not even enough to pay our mortgage.  Alan is completely okay with this… he’s just trusting God.  Which is awesome, really…but me, I am freaking out!!   Pray for me!  Because I have a major tummy-ache.

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  1. Money!!!  The oldest problem, especially when there isn\’t enough of it or you aren\’t sure how much. 
    You are in my thoughts!!!!

  2. Hi Ann, Looks like you are getting spam the last 2 posts.  You can add a captcha to prevent this (google the word to find out more).

  3. Hi Ann, I don\’t want to buy your gold but I do want to say hi!! 
    Your post about Alan loving his job and resting in God\’s provision reminded me of my life recently.  I was so stressed over the fact that I have mucho more $ that I need to pay out than what I will receive in my paycheck and how the heck am I going to juggle everything.  Em asked if I wanted her to pray for me.  Well, duh, go right ahead.  I\’m in desperate need of some divine intervention.  She prayed that we didn\’t seem to see God providing in OUR time but that He would provide in HIS time.  So perfect.  It reduced me to tears of gratitude that God can give my kid words to let me know that He does hear and He does answer – in His timing.  (That\’s still the hard part!)
    Anyway… I\’m glad that Alan has his feet wet and has started off so good.  I\’m impressed.  My husband only sells 8 or 9 cars some months so I think Alan is doing fabulous. 
    Hey, we have something in common…. I\’m 5\’2" as well. 
    Praying for you and your family.  I can soooo relate.
    Love ya,

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