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Partly rational with brief periods of coherent thought giving way to complete apathy by tonight.
So here’s what I’ve decided.  I am going to include my weight struggles on this blog, but not let it overcome the blog.  This blog is about my life – the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’d say the weight definately falls into the final catagory.  Cata – Gory!  Yeah.  Besides, I’d never be able to keep up two separate blogs, c’mon now.  What was I thinking??  I’ve been sort of hiding this part of my life, but I need some place to whine about my obesity struggles!  I’m pretty tired of being the ‘token fat girl’ in my family, my school, my church… I know there are more of us out there, but somehow they aren’t in my groups.  I’m tired of sitting around with the other homeschool moms as they all discuss their latest healthy craze.  I mean, good for them, seriously!  They are doing what they should, but it makes me feel like a gigantic loser.  Emphasis on gigantic, not so much of a loser, or I wouldn’t be in this sitch, right?!   But c’mon, could we discuss our kids, or homeschooling, or something??  So I bought a pair of walking shoes.  I wanted the cool lime green trimmed ones, but they didn’t have them in my size – so I got the boring baby blue trimmed ones.  sigh.  The point is they are comfy and I need to walk.  Kiki and I have walked all but one day this week… it was her "in school" day, so I got caught up in other jobs and forgot.  But, I’ve started!  Alan was harrassing me because I went to the grocery store and came home without any "goodies".  Geez, what a lot of help he is!  The real point of adding this here is that I am hoping it will encourage me to stay on task… a bit of accountability.  Somehow when I write stuff here, in black and white (or, pink or purple…. anyway, the printed word!) it seems to help me sort thru stuff a bit.  Well.  Here we go.
So I am going to post a – gulp – picture of myself.  You don’t find many of these.  There is more than one reason that I am the one behind the camera!  On this day, I’d handed Alan the camera to take shots of the herons…(remember that post?)  Who knew he was taking my picture??!  Totally not cool!  Except that means I have a recent photo of myself to put here….
Funny that he got one where my hand was covering my face, huh?  Since I’m going for the whole "incognito" bit on this blog…  I’ll tell you all my ‘insides’ but don’t want you to recognize my ‘outsides’…Lol!!

Well, there you have it.  As you can see, I am ‘chubbing out’ my little kiddo as well… another big reason that things have got to change!

I am also going to let you in on my biggest secret!!  Not even Alan knows this…. my weight.  276.  Keep in mind I am only 5’2".  I only put this here to make the progress seem all the more real.  Ouch.  That is painful, honestly. 

Let’s see where tomorrow takes me!!



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  1. Know that you have my full support!!!  I know how hard it is to do this…losing the weight AND telling your secrets!  Girl, you have my support!  HUGS!!!!!!!

  2. Good for you! I actually keep a weight loss blog myself. I don\’t advertise it for obvious reasons! But just the act of "journaling" helps keep me on track.
    I have wondered for a long time — what state do you live in? If you don\’t mind saying. Sometimes I think it must be Colorado, other times I\’m not sure, thinking it must be further west like Utah or Cali.

  3. Well, now that you have disclosed your picture AND your weight, you have set a base to blog about the weight you are going to lose.  I am sure you will get a lot of support.  i am certainly on your side and eager to hear of your progress.

  4. We\’re so proud of you Ann for making the effort and being real. We don\’t put the weight on overnight and it won\’t come off that way either! Good for you to get out and get moving each day..I need to too! Head up and march on! Thinking of you and wishing you God\’s greatest blessings!

  5. Ann,
    Keep walking.  I just walked for over an hour down on street and up another lonely road with the wonderful Sandia mountains in the background.   It was beautiful.  People were out and about, smiling and waving, greeting one another.  Our chihuahua usually enjoys the walk and is often ahead of us…prancing, running, dancing and enjoying the weather and the ground.  Start slow and keep walking…a friend of mine was around that weight and she lost most of it within six months and all she did was walk…she looked different, younger, and strong.  It was beautiful.  So, I try to remember that about myself and walk.  I will eventually increase my mileage, too.  Keep walking…
    Blessings to you and enjoy your weekend,

  6. Ann, good for you.  Me? I am expecting the book Neria and India\’s Idiot Proof Diet next week and am very excited.  Hopefully I can keep the excitement going.  Maybe I will decide to start blogging again too about it.  Then we could pray and help eachother.  Now, about that "bar".  I know many people who have gone there, many of them Christians.  Technically it is an "art gallery" and I hear it is really neat.  And get your camera ready for the snow we are supposed to get this weekend/Mon-Tue.  Can you believe it?  ugh.Tried emailing you last week at your hotmail address and it came back.  Will continue praying for you and your family.Lynda

  7. That was a big step.  I have been "working" on losing weight too.  I do well for a week and then not the next.   Keep up the walking!

  8. I am so proud of you for walking this week! That\’s a huge step – and to also get Kiki to walk, too, so she will reap the benefits as well. You can get the lime trimmed shoes when the baby blue ones are worn out! I am hooked on the show "The Biggest Loser" – have you seen it? It\’s very inspirational. I need to lose 20 lbs. and believe me, it\’s just as hard to lose 20 as it is to lose 50 – I have needed to lose the same 20 lbs for 25 years! It\’s a constant struggle, but I have recently lost 7 lbs…I have had to go back to work so I only take healthy food to work and I don\’t eat between meals…and not after seven o\’clock pm. It\’s working and I\’m so happy – pooh to Alan who got upset when you didn\’t bring home junk food – the healthy eating will benefit his heart as well. So here\’s to a new beginning, Ann! Keep up the good work! ~Caty

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