So!  None of you have even asked me about why my sister and I went to a bar!  Do you think I do that every day?  Huh??  Do Ya??  LOL!!!

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  1. I\’m ALL ears!  hahaha
    BTW you should check into fostering.  I used to feel sad for Carole that she wouldn\’t get to be a big sister…
    God had an amazing plan.
    Wish you lived closer.  I really enjoy having girls around Kiki\’s age come over as a mother\’s helper.  The kids love it, too.
    Of course there\’s a big difference between babysitting and having a sister, but it\’s a start.
    She may just decide having you to herself is juust right.  🙂

  2. Because the second story was too cute and we completely forgot about the bar, now I want to know.  (By the way I use Windows Live Writer for that reason, Spaces randomly destroyed too many posts for my taste.)

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