Alan’s New Job

In my last set of comments, Caty mentioned that I hadn’t said anything about Alan and his new job…what a slacker I am, huh?  Sorry for the news blackout!  Well, it’s going great!  The best news is that he seems to really like it!  Every evening I am regaled by stories of fabulous motor homes that we will never be able to afford, lol!  Really, some people have way too much expendable income!  Although, earlier today I was reading about private jumbo jets that run people in the multi-millions, so I guess these little ol’ $80,000.00 motor homes are just pocket change deals!!  They have granite counters, fireplaces, outdoor big flatscreen t.v.s…. I’m not making this up!  He sold his first RV this week!  His first week of selling!  So, that’s good.  It’ll be up to God to send enough buyers his way that we actually make enough money to pay our bills, but at this point I am just totally happy that Alan is coming home from work in a good mood!  You can’t put a price on that.  His hours have shifted quite a bit; he goes in later so he doesn’t get home until after 6pm, and he has to work on Saturdays, so he has Friday off instead.  So we’re having just the usual ‘need to get used to the changes’ going on, but since Friday is a homeschool day, we can still go out and have fun as a family, and then we’ll just do our lessons on Saturday.  That’s the plan. 
Anyhoo, that’s what’s up with the ‘RV Salesman’ as of today!! 

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  1. how good is that.  I know 80,000 sounds like a lot but these are homes on wheels…i\’ve seen some inside and I\’d love to have one if I could figure out how to get HUD to pay for it.  with a fireplace for sure.  I know, simply amazing.  We still live in a rich country, just doesn\’t seem that way when it\’s your turn to be on the poor side of town.  These can be great investments and people also store them at the shores they love to visit most which believe me the people I know who do, just call ahead and have them set it up on a spot.  it is cheaper then most vacations in the long run.  Tell him congrats and best of selling.  Now you got me thinking again.  LJ

  2. very good that the hitman…i mean RV salesperson job is going well….and yes…sometimes i wonder if we would ever have any money enough to even go on a trip and rent one…
    ♥~♥ :oD most smiles are started by another smile… :oD ♥~♥

  3. Great news about Alan\’s job! Wow – he\’s already sold an RV – it really shows he has what it takes in this new venture…hope he continues to sell and that you won\’t have to go back to work – I\’ve been working FULL-TIME for two weeks now, and even though I really like my new job, five days a week is a real grind – I could handle four, but five is toooo much; my husband helps out, but I\’m still running every waking moment. I exercise everyday after work – walking – as I don\’t want to gain weight sitting behind a desk. And I need to lose 20 lbs…it\’s tough…I\’ve lost four lbs. but have 16 to go! Wish me luck, Caty P.S. I wish you luck on your weight loss, too…one hint…don\’t buy any junk so it won\’t be around the house….only buy fresh foods….

  4. Dave\’s folks had an big RV back in the late 70\’s up into the 90\’s and some of our friends\’ parents had them, too.  We used to borrow it once or twice during the summer and "camp" in style.  I was at the mall recently with Jon and we walked through some of the new RVs.  We liked the 5th wheel that had two sets of bunks in the back.  I don\’t know that Dave will ever want to get one but we\’d love to have one.  We might have to drive or fly to see Alan and drive it back from there 😉  Wouldn\’t that be fun…
    Friday is the new Saturday!  haha

  5. Well, Ann, they found a sack of rubber bands and the next thing I knew they had been busy and quiet.  I think they were quite creative.  I said it looked like a spider\’s web had covered the castle.  Then they wanted to find a spider ?!?  Next thing the tape went on and I had to kabosh that kind of entertainment so I would have packing tape left!

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