Certain Signs of Spring

I know it’s Spring for sure.  Why?  Sure, there’s the weather (it can be sunny and warm and then snow all in the same day) and of course the green grass is starting to pop up….no leaves on trees, yet, though.  But the real sign is this –
Yep, the horses are back at the track.  That’s how I know it’s really Spring.
(Just so you know, I don’t ‘hang out’ at the track, lol!  The path along the river where I like to take Merry on walks runs behind the fairgrounds, on the backside where the racetrack is.  Of course, the horses being there, with the smells and all, probably contributes to just why I like to walk along there!)

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  1. i always thought it was when they started NASCAR races again…lol…and the cars were back on the track…
    ♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  2. You and and Aimee crack me up!  Your love of horses and her love of racing are your happy signs of Spring.  😉  For me…it was seeing the first robin in our area yesterday.  I am so dull I guess.

  3. When the kids can play outside…  that\’s when I know it\’s spring!
    Last Saturday it got up to 65 and the kids were out most of the day.  Yayy!
    How wonderful for you to have horses nearby.  I love the smell of horses, too.

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