Hey! About Blog walking…

So is it just me, because I don’t have some great plan or list or something, that it takes me for-flippin’-ever to get around to visit other blogs, maybe leave a comment or two??  I mean, really, just because I am a SAHM doesn’t mean I can spend endless hours online…and yet, I like to make those connections.  Is there some wonderful method of popping around here that I haven’t discovered, or what are your secrets??  I really want to know.

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  1. Hey there
    I usually start by visiting people who have commented on my Space. Then I visit anyone who has updated. Then I go through my list that I have by trying to visit everyone once a week.  I leave comments if I have something to say.  That is how I do it!!!

  2. I\’m like Saam…. visit commenters and updated spaces first. Then, I hit the list. Somedays I start at the bottom and some days, I start at the top….. just to make sure I read everyone. :o)

  3. I do best with SAAM\’s first two proceedures and then fall apart at the seems.  Can\’t seem to keep up with the rest.

  4. I cut down my friends list to 90. I am hoping to cut it down to 50 if possible.  I want it to be people who I actually communicate with – especially since documenting something as personal as weight loss (with all of the unflattering pictures that go with it).  The number of friends I had was just unmanagable for me.  Then I return comments both on the page and on the blog and read and comment the blogs on those pages while I am there. I also try to read the blogs as they are updated but my particular set of friends are very very active so it is still too hard for me to get to all of them right now with tax season and to blog myself but I try.  Also, when you are ready for the new path I will be there right beside you rooting for you 🙂 !!! – Shanz

  5. I usually try to post and visit on Thursday\’s or I will waste too much time.  For some reason I am goofing off on Tuesday…my BAD!  Thank God we have some social communication or it would be a lonelier life.  Blessings!

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