What a Week!!

I am SO glad it’s coming to a close!  Whew!!  Yesterday I barely made it home, threw together the stuff that had to be done, in time to go back to finish teacher interviews.  They took f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  I’ve mentioned before that I am on the school board – what some people might not understand is how our Co-op school works.  There are lots of homeschool co-op groups, but very, very few schools that run the way ours does.  A lot of homeschool groups get together as "co-ops" and are basically a group of several families that get together to go on field trips, or do art lessons or PE – the kind of stuff missing in a lot of homeschooling – or maybe one parent teaches a group math because he/she is really good at math, while another parent who is a good writer works with kids on doing essays.  Which is awesome, but is not the way our co-op is set up.  We have a building we meet at (the church’s sunday school building).  We have a teacher for each and every grade (preK through 10th; next year we will be adding 11th grade).  We have a principal, and she has an assistant.  These are paid positions.  Not well paid, mind you!!   But paid positions, nonetheless.  We are a 5 day a week school, but 3 days are done at home and two at the school… it’s the same curriculum, though, with the "paid" teachers doing the lesson plans…we "home" teachers follow them!    The classroom days are 8:30 to 3:00; they have recess and a lunch break.  So they get a lot of the social interaction that can also be missing in homeschooling.  We have a very unique thing going on!  Which brings us to the interviews.  We have a few teachers who will be doing something different next year so we need to replace them, and then we need teachers for the 11th grade courses we are adding.  We had quite a few applicants, some so well qualified you know they truly have a heart for it because they sure aren’t doing it for the money!  What I loved is that we had some great applicants who were the only one for that particular position – that’s nice because you don’t have to tell someone "no".  We did have a bit of that going on, though… it’s really hard, especially because some of them are people we know from church and/or the school;  people who are just really nice people, but for whatever reason someone else was a better fit for the job.  That’s a tough thing to do.  What is awesome is that we (the board and principal) lift it all up in prayer, so we feel like we are making the right choices because (hopefully!) they are God’s choices.  At this point we have most of the positions filled, so it won’t be too stressful going into next year! 
Today was Alan’s day off.  I hope I get adjusted to his new schedule soon!  It’s messing with my ‘system’.  We went out to do some shopping (I really need to start walking, whether outside or on my treadmill, so I needed some good shoes) and Kiki needed a gift for a birthday party.  We barely made it back home to drop Alan off, we ran out to Kiki’s drama group with our other (little) homeschool group, then back to turbo-wrap the present and deliver Kiki to the birthday party.  So, now I am gratefully sitting here, with nothing else to do.  Ahhhh. 
It’s been a crazy week!  Tomorrow is Alan’s first Saturday at work, and he will actually have to try to sell some RV’s!!  Yikes.   

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  1. If I forgot to say congratulations on Alan getting the job…CONGRATULATIONS!  Praying he will have favour as he tries to sell the RVs. 
    Your homeschooling system really is a bit different than most…but it sounds like it is working quite well.  Praying God will provide who you need.

  2. i am sure that he will do well…i would wish him luck but it\’s monday…
    *~* :o) most smiles are started by another smile… :o) *~*

  3. WEll, I\’m way behind you so don\’t worry to much.  Sounds like a neat set up and wishing you well with it all.  Wish Alan lot\’s of luck selling those things.  I\’d love to own one down the road and drive to a different place and stay a season.  that would be so neat.  Now if I can just figure a way to apply my HUD rent payments to it I\’d have it made.  LJ

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