The Dog Dish

First let me say that I’ve gotten tired of referring to the dog as ‘the dog’…so since everyone else on my blog goes by an alias, I made ones up for the pets as well… Girlie Dog (no, not her real name!!) will be called "Merry", since she was born on Christmas day.   The cat will be "Bob"… Bob cat…. get it?…hahaha…. oh, well…!   That’s all I got…..
So, I bought Merry a new food dish.  She doesn’t eat her food, she inhales it.  This dish is supposed to slow her down.
It works!  And she is so – not – happy.

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  1. Ann, Congratulations on your husband getting the job!  God is good.  Glad to hear Kiki is feeling better – being sick is not a great way to spend Spring Break.  
    I love the new pet names!
    Take care,

  2. That\’s a great idea and yep, It could piss them off a bit but it will cut down on the woofing of the food.  Usually when they woof they just bring it back up.  Good for you.  LJ

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