A question for Cat Owners

We have a new pet food store in town, which is really cool because it is just around the corner from me!  The nearest "Pet*Co" or "Petsm*art"   is at least 20 minutes away – in good traffic – not to mention I prefer supporting a small, local business whenever I can.   We feed quality (read: expensive!) pet food, and this guy sells our brand of dog food for even less than the big chains do… and I’ll save gas $!   We are looking for a good cat food, as our little guy is about to graduate from kitten food to adult.  So I went in to ask what he recommends.  He gave me a ton of samples (I haven’t paid for cat food all week!) and was told to put several bowls out, try different foods and see what the cat prefers… that all the ones he sells are good so it’s really personal preference.  So far, he likes the least expensive!!  I would never have guessed that outcome!   So – here’s the question – The store owner told me that cats aren’t big water drinkers and that they get most of their moisture from their food, so although it’s very important to feed dry food it is also very important to feed canned food so they get enough water.  Especially cats like ours who are total housecats and never go outside (to eat a nice juicy bug I guess).   I’ve never heard this.  We always have fed just dry food, and canned food was a ‘once in a blue moon’ treat.  I don’t know how much water the cat drinks (he shares a bowl with the dog) – he plays in it a lot!  I realize proper amounts of water are important to good health….  what do you think?   How do you feed your cats, and what information have you been given?  I’d appreciate some input here….

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  1. I just put out chow and some food scraps.  Our outside (no inside) cats just showed up on our farm and there\’s only one that sits on our step.  The others stay out by the sheds.  Feeding them chow actually is good to encourage them to be hunters………  mice, rabbits, birds
    Sorry I\’m not much help!

  2. My 8 yr old siamese Cleo has eaten nothing but dry Science diet since she
    adopted me as a tiny kitten. I keep a small glass of water next to her bowl
    cause she is such a sloppy eater that little bits wind up on the floor and in the
    other half of her bowl. She seems healthy and palyful. and she hates everybody
    but me ( seriously) . I wish she would get over that.
    Have a great day.

  3. Our cat has a bowl of dry food setting out for her to eat all the time.  Once a day we feed her some canned food.  Sometimes she eats it all, sometimes she eats just a little.  I guess she liks the freshly opened stuff better than what has been saved in the frig a day ot two.  She also prefers non chunk canned stuff to chunky.  There is water set out for her that she shares with the dog so, like you, i have no idea how much she drinks.

  4. our 3 cats prefer the cheap stuff too…but they drink a lot of water…like you i just give them wet food as a treat…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  5. I give our cat canned food – in little bits. Actually, I open a can and scoop out a spoonful and put it on top of his dry food – he eats it and works his way down to the dry. Only in the morning, it\’s dry the rest of the time for him (although he is constantly trying to tell me he wants MORE! lol) He drinks water from the dog\’s water bowl – not sure why. I used to fill his water bowl daily and he never touched it, always going for the dogs. So I finally just quit putting out a water dish for him. I think if you really want to know, ask your vet. I\’ve had cats all my life and never heard this – I think he was just trying to "sell" you the canned. But that\’s just my hunch.

  6. When our dear Peachy was alive, we had 5 cats.  Now 4, with the oldest being almost 16, that is Gray, and he is diabetic, which means he needs lots of water, and it always being available.  The other cats like to drink water too, if not as much, and I change it each morning, and evening, to keep it fresh and available, and they all like it cold, with ice in it.
    I agree with weimie, and think that  the advice the guy gave does not make sense.  Cats are not reptiles… which have bodies designed to live without much water…they are mammals and should have water available!   We have to give Gray a particular cat food for diabetic cats, but I have experimented, and read labels through the years, and find that "Purina ONE" is a great brand, not terribly expensive, and the kitties all love it.   It also has more protein than some of the other brands, and all the necessary vitamins.  As long as the kind your kitty likes provides the vitamins and protein needed…you are fine.    You could check to see if the ingredients are in line with a more expensive brand, or check with your vet.  Sometimes vets want to sell their more expensive products.  They are great for special need pets but I think are rather a rip off for other pets.
    Dry food is better for the teeth and cuts down on cat box odor.   My favorite vet said that a little canned catfood, added few times a week, is good for the coat and digestion, to balance out a healthy diet , but not best for full time eating.   Consistency of product  or brand, also helps prevent problems like constipation, diarea, and stomach upset.
    We try to fix tuna sandwiches once a week and give the kitties the liquid from it…which raises tails and satisfied and contented grooming.   Our kitty Rip, that K had before we were married, is the only kitty that won\’t try to get table scraps or eat people food, except for the tuna liquid and a bit of tuna.  She has eaten dry all her life and has the healthiest teeth.   Mine used to get canned food only, at the beginning, till I read more on it, and had discussions with my vet.  

  7. Our cat was fed cheap Special Kitty (Wal-Mart brand?) for 12 years.  Wet food for Christmas & Birthday.  Since he could whip any cat in the area and frightened quite most grown folks, we figgured the food was doing its job.  Left food and water out for him at all times.

  8. Cats are individuals and do as they please. We had our 3 musketeers on dry food for years, with wet food now and then. BUT I\’d tell you they drink water from their bowl. The smallest one do prefer to drink from the bathroom tub – and request it so with her voice on full volume. All I know is.. Giving your cat only wet food is wrong, but it is a must to give wet food now and then. Always have water available – if they do drink, they do. Giving milk is actually a no-no.Let me leave my advice at that – okay?! C ya in tha blog spaces.PS: I may just be a cat lover.South African greetings..SNOOP

  9. I have 3 cats. 13, 6, and 1 year of age. They have dry food down at all times and I give them each 1 can once a week. They drink quite regularly. All very healthy and happy.

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