MrS SkRuMshZ wins!!!

Yes, it’s Hit Manbut now that you know, I’m going to have to kill you all….lol!!   I can’t tell you how many times he’s actually said he’d like that job!  And I’m like "yeah, right….you won’t even go hunting because it makes you feel so bad."   And he replies "but I’d only kill bad guys, so it’d be easy."  Uhh-huh.
So – he’s going to be an RV Salesman.  (Mrs. S., how did you  know??) How totally weird is that??!   It is so completely off the wall that we figure it must be God’s plan…not to mention it’s the only job he was offered!  He found out about it from a good buddy he went through Bible college with…this guy’s brother-in-law is the GM there.  Yes, it pays commission, so sure, that’s a concern.  He’ll get a salary for the first couple months while he learns the ropes, but then it’s sink or swim time.  I know my hubby, though…. he always gives 110%, so I’m really not worried.  Of course there is the issue of a lousy economy…  but the rich always get richer and they are the ones who buy the most "toys"… time will tell, I guess.  Supposedly, the top salesmen get triple-digit incomes… but I won’t be holding my breath on that.  I’ll just be happy to pay my mortgage and car payment and still have grocery money, thank you.  He starts this coming Monday.  He’s really  excited!  I’ll be really happy if he has a job he doesn’t dislike – that’d be nice for a change!
Kiki is finally feeling better.  They still haven’t figured out what was causing the fever, and that bothers me a bit.  At least she is up and about.  Today we went to the movies; we figured that’d be fun without wearing her out.  We saw "Horton Hears a Who".  Very, very cute! 
I have to tell you, the serious ‘must-lose-weight-crunch-time’ has arrived.  I feel lousy.  It’s weird, because I have been at this (enormous) weight for quite awhile now, but suddenly I feel  it.  It’s like my body is trying to tell me "that’s IT!!  I am done packing this around!!"  Because now I am exhuasted all the time (we were at Target the other day – a store I love love love, and I just went to sit in the new garden furniture area, like I was just too tired to look around any more!)  – tired of suffocating myself while tying my shoes; tired of a trip to the car (in the garage!) making me breathe hard; tired of the incredible effort it takes to get myself up off the floor (I’m a floor-sitter… when I read, or watch tv, or play a game – I’d prefer to sit on the floor…but it’s getting difficult.)  It’s just like suddenly I am aware of the extra effort it takes just to live while being obese.  Things must change.  I’m afraid, though.  I have been failing at change for 10 years now…. I haven’t got much faith in myself at this point.
Alan told me today that he and his buddy had a talk about how they haven’t got a "passion".  They are both just sort of drifting through life, waiting for something exciting to change it all.  Then he said – and this is the good part – "You have a passion – horses.  That has always been your thing, and we have to find a way to get you back to doing what you love most."  Yeehaw!!   At least he gets it… we’ll see if that helps!
And now, the weather… today it was sunny….hailed…snowed….thunder and lightning….rainy….sunny….  Yep, it’s springtime!
Kiki in our area’s "Springtime Apparel" 

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  1. Good Morning Ann,  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I can relate to the weight issue.  As you could tell by my photos I am no lightweight.  I get frustrated at how little stamina I have any more.  I am looking forward to our weather warming up so I can be outside more without freezing or getting soaked.  I have started to do some major house cleaning.  I am taking one room at a time and working on getting it organized and getting rid of things we do not use.  My back bothers me a lot, but I just need to work up to things.  I took on too much with our club and that stresses me a lot so I eat more.  Really does not make a lot of sense, but there it is.  I hope you come back to visit and best of luck with your husband\’s new job.  He sounds like he has a good mind set and should do well.  Tak care and I hope to see you again.  Please sign my Guestbook when you come back.  Have a good rest of the week.  Penny

  2. Oh so happy for all of you Ann! I do hope that Alan enjoys his work. It is such a stressful time , losing a job and starting a new one. ( Been there done that!) And doulbe yipee that he recognizes what your passion is and it\’s importance! Thinking of you as you begin your weightloss journey…one day at a time! Have a great day!

  3. Well, I was going to say I lost about thirty some pounds mucking stalls the first year I moved north onto the farm.  Loved the horses but when I broke my neck and hurt the back (nothing to do with horses other then bangging my head with one, I have deteriated dics) but before that I really got a work out cleaning the barn each day. 
    Time to find the one thing that works for you.  I\’ve kept the weight off which is great but I don\’t eat enough right now…so I don\’t think that counts.  LJ

  4. Sounds like it could be a great job.  Funny that you mentioned it being the only one who called.  My husband has been going through a career change the last  year and he ended up being without a job and we were getting desperate and one called and we felt it was God sent.  A few months later the big money didn\’t come through as expected and just as we were wondering what to do through that job another great opportunity came.  God always seems to provide. 

  5. I knew I saw horses in your future!  People who show horses need RV\’s.
    I love the workout plan with riding and caring for horses…  I\’m with you  🙂

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