That’s it, just "hey".  I just sat down and Alan said ‘let’s go do something.."  Kiki had a last minute "sleepover at Nana’s house" so I suppose we ought to make good use of the moment! 
I’ll try to come back later…. Cheers!
Oh…wait… I  just read that and it sorta sounds… well …. like….. hmmm.  What I mean is, we are going to GO OUT ~ for coffee, or shopping, or something….  Whew.  I’d hate to put a scary picture in your head. LOL!!

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  1. Hope you and hubby had a great "date"! You have to take advantage of all the opportunities to spend time together…I just started working full-time (due to this lousy economy!) so my husband and I are going to have to make an effort to go out on dates, too! We love to hike together, so hopefully we\’ll spend time doing that on the weekends. Congrats again on Alan\’s new job! An RV salesman – that rocks! Hope he has a good time with it and good luck to him – does this mean you don\’t have to go to work, Ann? Lucky you!!

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