Vote Now!! Vote Often!! Which job will now be paying my bills?

Yes!!!  Alan has a job!   Praise the Lord and pass the paycheck….!!!
Just to keep it interesting, I thought I’d see if any one of you can guess what Alan will be spending his time doing.  I’ll give you some basic information to help you out ~
In the past, he has worked in lawn care, pest control, (in both from grunt work to management), data storage, espresso bar management, and once owned his own espresso bar/cafe.   He is tired of middle management and would like to do something totally different.  However, finding work outside of your realm of experience is very tough to do.  So, here is a list of possible jobs for him – one is what he will really be doing.
Starb*cks Barista/Assistant manager
Hit Man
R V Salesman
Hospital Clown/Balloon Artist
Floor Manager @ a Call Center
Dept. Store Manager
Driving Instructor
So, whaddya think?   Can you guess?
We are so thrilled he has a job!  God is looking out for us, like we knew He would.  Alan has this week off, so of course we thought  "Cool!  It’s Spring Break, so we will all get to hang out and have some great family time!"  Uh-huh….and so Kiki is really sick….. life is like that sometimes, isn’t it? 

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  1. I have to admit this one is a toughie!
    My money is on Floor Manager, although the clown would come in handy for birthday parties.  Praise God for employment!
    So sorry that Kiki is not well.  Sounds like a virus, hope it passes quickly.

  2. Your excitement is contagious! So happy that Alan has found a job! Now you won\’t have to go back to work….I am so jealous…I start my new job in just TWO days!! UGH Anyway – I will have to go with Floor Manager at a Call Center – or Barista/Assistant Manager, but that\’s too obvious since he\’s had all barista/espresso work before….enjoy not having to go back to work and Good Luck to Alan!! 😀 Caty

  3. RV salesman? i would say hitman but you wouldn\’t be able to tellus that one even if he was one…
    *~* :o) the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :o) *~*

  4. Congrats on the quick job find!   How about driving instructor?  Then he can teach Kiki how to drive.  Okay, my real guess is dept store manager.

  5. I\’d hope the hospital clown would be fun but depressing because of sick children, Roofing is a hard and dangerous job, RV salesman would really be cool but they work on commission which is not always great.  And surely Driving Instructor can be just as dangerous as the roofing job…Starbucks and all those young punks would surely drive you nuts…have you been in one lately and heard the music they listen too!  So I\’m hoping it\’s the Ballon Artist over the hit man because at least you\’ll see live people…lol…Great news and it pays to remember God does provide what you really need to learn, not what you think you really need.  LJ

  6. Well if it is at Sta*bucks, drink a non-fat caramel macchiato extra-hot just for me!  OK?
    Congrats on the job.

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