Crazy Cat in a Closet

So not only does he insist on climbing to the highest shelf (which I am pretty sure he does by clawing his way up my clothing) he is intent on finding a way to get to the light fixture… it’s not gonna happen, but he’s still in the planning stages…..
But then he wants down, which stresses him out a little….
Here’s a terrible pic, but you can see he finally just took the leap….
He may drive me crazy (we have a saying at our house – "How do you spell ‘cat’?  A-n-n-o-y-i-n-g.")  However, I do find him endlessly entertaining!!

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  1. And it doesn\’t end.  Our cat is a \’senior\’ and still gets into alot. She used to actually get onto the chandelier but hasn\’t done that in a while.  Also she liked to walk on the curtain rods.  Cats They are SO cute tho.  Can\’t help but love them.

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