So, I’m a bad mom….

I came in to do a quick blog, but got caught up in some blog walking…places I hadn’t been before.  I found some good stuff!!  Tonight is Kiki’s night to sleep with me (I am sooo popular that the citizens of this household fight over that right!!  lol)  So anyway, Kiki comes into the office and says "I’m really tired."  I (lie and) tell her it won’t be long…. after a bit, she brings in a blanket, makes the dog scootch over on the dog bed, covers them both up and promptly falls asleep!!  This is my child who will not go to sleep if something interesting might-possibly-eventually happen.  Ever.  I wonder just how long I have actually been here??  Geez, how lame is that??!
Of course, I did go and get my camera….
Then the cat wanted in on the action….
I guess it’s bedtime now!!

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  1. our bed fills with animals at night too…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  2. How cute!  I am sorry that I have not been around…life you know.  I saw you left me a message at my old blog and I came walking to say hi.  I will try to fix the link there so that I can visit with my MSn spaces friends.  Have a wonderful Easter.

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