Oops! I’ve been totally busted : (

I went to my doctor’s today.  (if you’re the "oh that’s gross – TMI" sort, don’t read on)  I needed to (wanted to?) have some little growths – skin tabs – removed.  I know, how gross.  I had quite a few and was just fed up with them.  Not to mention the lovely, squiggly wart inside my nose… for all the world looking like I was constantly hangin’ a boog…!!   That one, the doctor tried to talk me out of…. too many blood vessels in the nose, too many bacterium…. I just said – I’m willing to risk it to have a ‘clean’ nose!  Jiminy, it hurt like crazy!  Some she just cut off with scissors without any anesthesia (and I could have done that at home for free!!)  A few, including the nose, she jabbed me with a needle first – and I am pretty sure that hurt even worse!  And some of the liquid went right on up into my sinuses, which was very nice, I assure you.   So now I have about 26 bandaids all over my upper bod.  Kiki asked me (typical little girl query) "ooh,  mom, did they have to see your bra??"  Because, of course, what would be more humiliating in a "tweens" mind?   You should have seen the look on her face – and heard the following hysterical laughter – when I told her "well, no, honey – I actually had to take my bra off so they saw everything"!!!   Oh-my-gosh it was soo funny!   It’s a good thing that I am no longer easily embarrassed… which I think comes from having a baby – you know, you’re in there and  everybody and his brother is coming in, checking it out…. doctors, nurses, students, janitors (okay, maybe not).  Because twice today, I’m sitting there in my skin and a large napkin while the nurse runs out to do – I don’t know what – and leaves the door open…. and other patients walk by…. I’m just like "Whatever.  They’ll be sorry they looked, lol." 
Which brings me to being busted.   I asked my doctor what causes these stupid little skin growths.  She said it is quite often because your  body isn’t properly processing sugar (as in, diabetes).   Obviously I am a prime candidate for that right now.  I am a total sugarholic, although I didn’t tell her that.   She asked, when was the last time I had blood work?  I say, Oh, probably last year.  She looks at my chart… 2005.  Okay, maybe not last year.   She looks at my results from back then and –
she says "your cholesterol was terrible!  Are you still on your – I don’t remember the name of the drug I’d been taking – " 
and I was like, "uhm….no. "
she asks "Why not?!"
I say," uhm…I don’t know."
I’m sure she thinks I am one of the stupidest patients she has.    In my head,  I was trying to remember why.  I think we’d gone on one of our healthy eating stints and I figured I could fix it the right way instead of with drugs.  Then we fell back into our wicked ways, but by then Alan had changed jobs so we had no insurance.  And then… well, time just gets away with me.  I suppose it is by the grace of God I haven’t had a heart attack.  Don’t tell Kiki; she’s such a worry-wart!  So, later on this week I am going in for bloodwork.  Sigh.  I can only imagine the tongue lashing I am in for.   Serves me right  I suppose. 

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  1. shouldn\’t she be monitoring your drug usage and making sure youare on what you need??
    *~* :o) the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :o) *~*

  2. I can relate to this post.  My noce is still wincing though after your description.  Ouch!  I have on skin tagm unteresting to know the cause because my health nut cousin has a bunch.

  3. Interesting bit of information about skin tags.  My husband gets them all the time…usually up around his neck and shoulders.  Luckily, they\’re tiny and you don\’t notice them unless you know they\’re there.  He\’s had problems with getting them since high school.  Awhile back, he had some blood work done and he\’s not diabetic, but he has triglyceride problems and is on medication for that.  He said it sounded from the doctor like it\’s just the starting stages of bigger problems, so he\’s working really hard to nip it in the bud.  He\’s been getting up every morning to go run or play basketball with some friends and he\’s being been trying to fix some of his old, bad eating habits.  Thanks for posting about this.  It definitely explains the skin tags!  :o)

  4. Very interesting.  I had no idea that skin tags were from a sugary diet.  Hope you heal quickly!  Thanks for all the support.  Hope you are doing well.  Keep up the good work!

  5. She cut them off without anesthia? Oww, I don\’t think that I could go through that.  I am having some moles removed this weekend for a biopsy and I am going to make sure that I have some numbness before anyone starts cutting me.  You are brave my friend.  Thanks for the nice comments about my dog.  I am still very sad and I miss him lots.  I\’m hoping that as time goes on I will feel better about it. 

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