Today is Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the day that Jesus made His "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalem, the Holy City.  Think "parade"!  And the people all cheered and waved palm fronds.  The little drama at church today went really well.  The guy who played Peter is amazing!  How he could remember all his lines is beyond me (and he was once a big-time drug addict!  I’ve no excuses but  I think I have less brain cells than he, anyways…)  Kiki did great – sat very still and looked as if she was listening intently.  Of course, that was 1st service…. who knows, maybe by 3rd service she was twirling her hair and looking for lint between her toes…… Kiki said to me this afternoon…."Mom, I don’t get it.  How could it be that on Sunday they were cheering for him, and by Friday they had decided to kill him??  That doesn’t make any sense at all."  I think she does get it – because, no, it doesn’t make any sense at all.  This is the stuff that puts me into tears…that God loves us all that much.   This week is always a full and busy one at our church.  On Thursday we will have a drama/communion service that re-creates the last supper – the passover feast that Jesus shared with his disciples.  On Friday we all head over to this old, stone penitentiary that once housed territorial criminals but is now a musuem of sorts…we have Roman soldiers, people running in the streets, little market stalls…. trying to create the feel of how it would have been.  Then there is a play about Jesus’ arrest, trial, and crucifixion.  It’s always really moving.  We all leave feeling pretty down, because, after all, it’s only Friday and we don’t know how it’s going to turn out, right??    Then of course we have Easter sunrise service, and we’ve all made lists of the "stuff" we want God to take away from us, and we put those lists into a locked, wooden box, make a huge bonfire, and burn it all up.  It’s very cool.   And we sing wild praise music because we are so happy that Christ rose again!!  Yay!    All in all it’s an awesome week… it’s all done because we want to make it real.   Sometimes I think stuff like this is hard for long-time Christians – we’ve heard the story a million times, "Jesus died on the cross, yada yada….." and it becomes just one more little Bible story.  Gee, isn’t that sweet.  So this makes it come alive, and you remember "oh – my – gosh, that must’ve been painful – horrible – He did that for me???!!!!"   If you  really let that sink in, you can’t ever live the same again. 

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  1. Lovely blog, Ann.  Being someone with chronic pain in my body, I might be a little more inclined to think about how important God\’s Grace is to our suffering, i(if in a very small way) and do often reflect on how Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for me.  I don\’t know when I am going to die… may be years…or could be any time.  Not only did Jesus know when he would die…He knew how He would die…and every detail.  It boggles the mind!  God has shown me in so many ways how His Grace is sufficient for each day and that His Love overcomes all. 
    Springtime rings with praises of His Newness of life.  Nature testifies, as a witness, to the Resurrection of Christ.  It is His Love and Forgiveness that causes my heart to have Love and Forgiveness.  His Righteousness makes me realize the cost of what He did for me, and how I have none of my own, but have to rely on His.  People can sometimes mistake that forgiveness as a blanket to excusing oneself, which would be a foolish and dangerous thing, when we realize what it cost Him to free us from sin.   You are so right that when we have really commited ourselves to Him…we aren\’t ever the same as we were before we knew Him.  I accepted Christ when I was in my 20\’s and He did indeed make me a "new creature" in Him.  He helped me to overcome my own foolishness and pride, and redirected my path, bringing victory, healing, and love, from "glory to glory" as I walk in Him.  Like Paul…I haven\’t attained it all…but can see growth along the way, thanks to Him, and am encouraged to go on, for "He is Risen".

  2. GOOD LUCK to your husband on his job interview today!! :> What kind of a job is he applying for??!! I hope it goes well!! Caty

  3. Hello Ann,
    A very beautiful entry!
    I\’m always very humbled to think that
    Jesus suffered and died, for us
    Ann…Happy Easter

    Garry xox

  4. I don\’t think most of us get the pain he went through. I know I don\’t, and of course hope I never get it literally. I do get the sining wildly though.  Whenever we sing "HE\’S ALIVE, HE\’S ALIVE"… I can\’t help bouncing and nearly jumping.It is amazing.

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