Trippin’ Down Memory Lane…uh, now, which way do I go…???

For some reason I have been hearing a lot of pregnant women telling about their weird dreams, (Mrs Skrumshz is one!) and I have a good one I thought I’d share.
I really, really wanted a baby girl.  I have never been a real ‘girlie-girl’ but on the other hand, I grew up with sisters and didn’t really ‘get’ boys.  Besides, I am a shoe junkie and little baby girl shoes (and their clothes, too) are to die for!!   Even back before I ever dreamed of wanting a baby, I wanted the shoes.  I would stop in the store and ooh-ahh over little baby shoes…Alan would always say "those won’t fit you".  Oh, and the hats and headbands!!  You know I do have a girl, and from day 1 that little cutie always had a hat or headband on.  Do you know, at 10 years old she still almost always wears a hat?!  Pavlovian??  But I digress (See?  Staying on the memory path is hard for me…!)  I tried to convince myself the baby was going to be a boy so I wouldn’t be too disapointed when the time came.  So I suppose that is why I had dreams about my "baby boy".  One went like this:  
I had delivered my baby.  I had never told anyone I wanted a girl… I said either was fine.  My  mom called and asked "what did you have?"  I told her "a boy" and after a pause she said "Oh.  I’m sorry.  Better luck next time."   I felt really sad, so I went in to cuddle my newborn son.  He was about 3 or 4 feet long, very bony, with long, scraggly, oily black hair.  I’m talking like, past his shoulders.  He also had a very sparse fu-man-chu type mustache and goatee.  And long, yellow, jagged teeth.  (He was like, one day old!!)  I decided to put him in the car and take him for a ride, but he was so big I couldn’t get him into his car seat.  I shoved and shoved, and he made angry faces at me.  I decided to take him for a walk in the stroller instead.  All I had in my dream was this horrid little umbrella stroller, and he was all scrunched up in it, his feet dragging the ground.  We headed out, and I brought along some bottles.  In my dream I had decided to give him formula because I couldn’t imagine breastfeeding him with those nasty teeth!  I gave him the bottle, and he hucked it down the sidewalk.  I tried and tried but he just wouldn’t drink it at all – wouldn’t even try it.  So we stopped at a convenience store and I filled his bottle with Coca-cola, and he was happy. 
My family still teases me about this one! 

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  1. OMG!  lol  That\’s hilarious!!!  lol  I\’m still laughing! 
    Speaking of weird pregnancy dreams, I had one when I was pregnant with my son that totally freaked me out.  2 of my cousins (sisters) had just had babies 5 weeks apart…and I ended up having N 5 weeks after that…weird, huh?  Anyway, I dreamed that we were at a family dinner and they had their babies there and everyone was oohing and ahing over them and I started getting really self-conscious about my baby and didn\’t want anyone to see it….because it was a puppy.  lol  Weird!!!
    I did the same thing with my daughter.  I wanted a girl soooooo badddddd!  I wanted her to be a girl so bad that I just KNEW she was a boy.  We even called her Fred during the pregnancy.  lol  I never had any really bizarre dreams with her that I can remember…just that if I had her in my dreams, she was always a boy.  We bought EVERYTHING for a boy ahead of time…even birth announcements!  lol  When I had her, the doctor still had a hold of her and said, "You have an absolutely beautiful baby girl."  I just totally lost it!  M did too.  He knew how much I wanted a girl!  I just kept repeating over and over, "We have a girl….we have a girl…"  lol

  2. No dreams to tell about here (forgot them–too weird) but i really wanted a girl too.  However somehow I just KNEW I was having a girl –pre ultasound days, for me anyway.  Well, I did have her but couldn\’t afford too many of those extra clothes.

  3. That was soooooooo funny!  So glad you remembered it.
    On kitties…enjoyed your telling about the cat in the bin…lol.  Yes, Gray is almost 16 now.  My blog covered a long period of time and because of your comment I went back and added a little clarification.  We didn\’t have mice till my youngest was about 5.  Took them a while to gnaw through the wood…lol.

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