Taking my turn at “Dork*ship”

I may be in serious trouble here…. over a year ago (okay, waaay over a year ago, probably)  I started seeing a Chiropractor.  He’s very different from other Chiro’s I’ve been to – he’s totally into brain stem health and such, sort of a specialty that very few doctors are into.  He has helped me immensely in the few visits I’ve had; however, I need a lot more help.  My neck curvature is completely wrong – it goes the opposite direction from where it’s supposed to.   Lately at night I am waking up with my arms asleep because something is pinching in there… so I decided I better get back in.  Here’s the trouble – I paid for a year’s worth of visits up front because I got a really good discount that way, and I knew I’d need it.  Well, he has very funky hours – a few here, a few there, they change periodically…. He is also pretty far away from where I live, and none of his hours coincided with my going into town to take Kiki to the co-op or anything else.  All that to say, I haven’t been in much.   Alan has asked me regularly to go in…after all, we paid for it and it’s stupid not to.  I totally agree.  My life has overwhelmed me, though, so I haven’t made the time.  I found this Chiropractor because he used to go to our church.  Well, so I know several people who go to him….lately, there has been some talk – he’s left his wife, he’s moved his office…. some gals quit going because they were upset about it.  But hey, I paid up front so I need to go!  My sister goes to him still…she, too, paid some up front.   Well, today I pulled out his number to set up some appointments.  Just as I am about to do so, Alan calls.  He tells me that his accountability partner (they have coffee together once a week) told him that it would seem this Dr. has   "gone off the deep end."  (it’s one of those "I’m really good friends of a really good friend of a really good friend of his" sort of deals….)  Not gossiping ~ just that my hubby’s friend knows I’ve paid but not gone in much – because, I am sure, Alan has complained to him about it!  Rightfully so, I admit.   Anyway, Alan tells me to get in right away, because for all we know he is going to just up and disappear with my money.  So, guess what?  I bet you see this coming – I call his number, and it’s been disconnected.  I call his cell# –   disconnected.  I look up  his website – can’t find it.  Now, my sister was just in there a week ago, but she’s out of town… so I call another friend who I know goes to him, and she gives me the number she has reached him at his new office – same disconnected #’s that I have.  Ohhh crap.  Now, she did say that he was only in an "interim" office and that she knew he was moving to his permanent  new one real soon, so maybe he’s in between.  Or maybe I’m up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  Or when Alan finds out, without a boat.  Yeah, ’cause I’ll be swimming in that nasty ol’ river of you-know-what.  
Now I am sick to my stomach.  I had better be able to find him!!

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  1. Don’t forget to stop by and place your guess on the sex of the baby in my comments!!
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

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