A little help, please?! I’m taking a survey.

Alright – I held my tongue at home, but I have to holler somewhere!!  Uh, well, yeah, I am still at home…you know what I mean!!  Get off my back, lol.   I have to know – am I the issue, or is it my husband’s refusal to take responsibility that is the problem….
Tonight, we were all watching ‘Mary Poppins’  when Alan gets up and goes in to clean up the kitchen.  I have no idea what motivated him to do it, but it’s a good thing, yes?  Suddenly, I hear a horrible racket, and I recognize it… something – probably silverware – is in the garbage disposal and Alan has turned it on.  That happens sometimes, right?  It stops.  Then starts again.  What the..????  I yell "what’s going on out there?" and he yells something to the effect of "I think something’s in the disposer" (at which point I almost snap back "well, no sh** Sherlock" but I gave up that language after the kid was born….well, mostly – some of you know of my infamous ‘f-bomb’ drop in front of her which is my great shame)  Anyhow, I’m thinking well, at least he’s figured it out, but then "grrrzzzllllzzlllthunkitythunkity…."  HUH??!!  So I go out in the kitchen and I’m like "what is going on out here?!"  
He says "somebody put something in the disposer."
Me:  Nobody put it in there!  Sometimes stuff slides down – didn’t you check?
Him:  Why would I check?  I never put stuff in there.
Me:  [groan] Yeah, but stuff falls in there!  I always check.  Don’t you check?  (I didn’t mention "especially after the first two times???" )  
Him:  I’ve never had that happen to me.  Nothing is ever in there.
At this point I’m thinking Never??!  In all of your 44 years of life you’ve never, ever  known anything to have fallen in the disposer??? LIAR!  Because I know for a fact that in the 23+ years of our married life, more than one item has gotten mangled, and if he didn’t do it, I know I at least told him how I did it….
So, I’m taking a poll ~
What do you think?  Am I the only person in the whole wide world who has actually ever had something mysteriously fall down into the garbage disposal (enough times that I am in the habit of reaching down there to check before I ever turn it on)?  Or is my husband just unwilling to take the blame for being a doofus??  Let me know!
Of course, not was it just a regular old kitchen spoon…no;  I just, finally, after years of mis-matched sets, bought a really cool set of measuring spoons.  I got them in Seattle near Pikes Market at a really nice kitchen store…I was so excited!  They have this cool green lucite piece set into the handle….sigh
How it’s supposed to look:
See anything different??
Can you see how nice and chunked up it is next to it’s smooth and lovely partner?
Someday, when I discover WHO PUT ITin there, boy, will they ever be in big trouble!!

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  1. Well I have to admit that stuff slides into our disposal all the time and my husband knows it.  I cannot count the number of times he has heard that wonderful sound of silverware getting chewed up in there – when he is cleaning the kitchen.  He never checks the disposal before he starts it either.  I think we can safely say it is a man thing – so they are all dorks. 

  2. There really is no need to check. They make enough noise to wake the dead.
    Saves allot of time. My carpet and windows do the same thing when they get dirty. Actually the toilet
    has one of these dirt alarms too  But I must be doing something
    right cause I haven\’t heard them go off in years. That saves allot of time too.
    I wonder if they have batteries that should be replaced every few years?
    Bye from
    Oldest Dork

  3. never had one before…but they sonds handy when you don\’t have silverware in them…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  4. Next time "don\’t ask" and just watch your show.  You are not the only person and now he knows….LJ  That is a pretty set minus one. 

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