New research shows A.D.D. may be harmful to your hair

When I was a child, I had blonde hair.   The older I got, the darker it got.  This didn’t really bother me until I was about 20, when my hair hit a color somewhere between "dishwater blonde" and  "mousy brown".  This was when I began coloring my hair.  At first  I just flat-out bleached it…. hey, a Cali girl should have light locks, right??  After a while, this got tiresome…. with each application my hair got lighter and lighter which made my roots look darker and darker.   I ‘discovered’ "Clair*l nice’n easy hairpainting".  After a couple ‘trial and error’ applications, it began looking pretty good.  It is nice ‘n easy, after all!!  It looked so good, in fact, that I’ve had women come up to  me to find out who does my hair because it’s "just how" they want it done.   I’m not patting myself on the back (are you kidding?  my fat little arms can’t reach around that far)  it’s just fact, and you need to know it to understand the problem here!   I actually like the mix of 2 shades of brown (natural) blonde (the highlights) and plenty of shiny silver mixed in (uh, yeah, that’s natural, too) I’ve even had stylists cutting my hair compliment me on how nice it looks.   The icing on this cake is that one box of the stuff costs $11.00, and I mix it up half at a time, so it only costs me $5.50 to color my hair!   Can you beat that??
Yesterday, I decided it was time for a touch-up.  I got the product on my hair and was going to wait the 15 – 20 minutes I always wait before washing it out.   My fatal mistake was to leave the bathroom.  Generally I take a book or magazine and just "hang out" until shower time.  I guess a weekend alone made me waaaay too relaxed.   I went out and got involved in…something…. I don’t even remember.  Then the whole A.D.D.-one-thing-leads-to-another-until-you-don’t-even-know-where-you-started deal kicked in…. about 45 minutes or so later I suddenly thought "oh, cuh-rap!!!"   NO one is going to ask me who does my hair this time around!  They will know I am too cheap to pay for it and will sadly shake their heads at the sight. 
Yuck.  Could it be any yellower??!  Shed a few tears for me, alright?

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  1. Well, I can appreciate how it is no fun to wait till the next coloring.  I did a similar thing some years back, but with a red tone.

  2. baby shampoo….it will help…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  3. I guess it will fade out and you have to go with all the good times you did it.  I Can understand the moment though.  LJ

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