Talent Show!

Last night (Thursday) was our Co-op’s annual Chili Feed and Talent Show.  I really cannot believe the level of talent of the children in our group!  Playing instruments, singing, dancing, recitations…. It’s nice to see how our little homeschool families invest time and energy into getting their children exposed to a variety of lessons and such.  Kiki sang.  She loves singing, especially to a crowd!  Or in the shower, lol!  I would never have been brave enough to do that when I was her age.  She just sang a cappella again – and she never goes flat, or hits a bad note.  Yeah, I think my kid rocks, lol!!  The song she chose was "Here I am to Worship".    It was a fun night.
I have been wiped out all day today!  You know I went back to bed – and my sister called, like, 4 times….my home phone, my cell phone – and when I didn’t answer either, she called back and left a message on my home phone, then called again on my cell phone and left a message there!  Sheesh… I have a weekend alone – quit calling me!!!  lol.  Then my mom called…. oh, well, it was a good thought!  So I got up and dinked around a little.  At about 5pm I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I went back to bed again.  Which I thought might be a bad idea since it was so late – I’d wake up with it dark out, or sleep right through til morning maybe!  About an hour later, the phone rang again.  Jiminy crickets people!!  I got up, fortunately, because it was Kiki…she was in tears, missing mama.  I really didn’t expect that until bedtime!  They had a great day – went out to breakfast, to the zoo, then downtown and rode the train.  Glad she missed me anyway!  hehe.  Well, I think I will pop some Exedr*n PM and get a nice night’s sleep. 
Lazing around was the order of the day!
I have a dog blanket I put on my bed to keep the creatures off my bedding – you can see here that the dog got that blanket, plus the quilt, comforter, blanket and sheets all pushed down so she could lay her stinky hairy bod directly on my pillows!
Now, that dog blanket must be comfortable, because the cat is on it, and you know he’s doing it because it feels good, not because he wants to be good!
Then they slept in the den while I watched a little tv…check my dog out – she really thinks she must have a pillow!  The cat was happy on a footstool.
Oh, yeah, we were all feeling lazy today!

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  1. wow good for her…i couldn\’t do that either…i sing in the shower and in the car cause no one else hears me…ha ha ha…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  2. It\’s great that you are proud of your daughter and that she is able to do neat stuff that we couldn\’t.  Shows you are raising her with much self confidence there.  Good for you. LJ

  3. Adorable pictures of your pets!  Would have loved to hear Kiki singing and all the performances.  If you would like help with installing the media player they have in the option for our sites…send a message, or add me to your IM, and I would be happy to walk you through it.  There is another one that some of my freinds have but I didn\’t want one that played so many songs and makes it take even longer for a site to fully open up.  It is nice and has its advantages…just not my cup of tea.  You will also need to join  a file hosting site. 

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