When the going gets tough, the tough get going…but the smart were already done, ahead of time

I’m done.  It’s over.  Why oh why am I the kind of person who seems to work so much better under pressure??  I’d sort of like to change that.  Wow, I wish I could invite you over to my house, right away… because it is clean!!  Even the closets!  I think I did about 3 weeks worth of work yesterday… and I "got ‘er done"… unbelieveable.  Alan was in utter shock when he got home.  I learned something yesterday, too…apparently, there is a ‘waiting period’ on cleanliness.  Did you know that?   Yeah.  Because I told Alan "maybe you should clean your side of the closet now, because it looks pretty bad"…oh-my-gosh you should’ve heard the grief he gave me for that!  His laundry gets done every week, just because I finally took care of mine after who knows how many weeks, don’t I dare go after him about it….blah blah blah…. Geez, all I said was it looked messy now!!  This morning we had to get up at 4:30am to get Alan and Kiki to the airport…they are spending the weekend at Grandma’s.  Yay me, I’m all alone!!!  Ah, the lovely sound of silence!!  They actually booked the trip so I could be alone to get all my work done – I work better alone – but then the appraisal got set up for this morning so I had to be done before the weekend…so now I have a whole weekend alone, and no pressing work to be done!!  Wow!!  I am one happy camper.  Even though Alan forgot and left me a big mess this morning that I had to clean up when I got back from the airport run…dingus – so, he’s on my poop-list, but I’m still happy!!  The appraiser has been here and gone (the cat went absolutely flippy over the laser pointer measuring device he had!) and guess what I’m going to do now?  Can you guess?  I am going back to bed.
Yes, at 10:30 in the morning I am going back into that lovely, soft, warm bed and make up for the only 3 hours I got last night.  I will still work on the house this weekend, some of that ‘deep cleaning’ that needs to be done…but, I may also do a little shopping.  Just window shopping, enjoying my ‘lonesomeness’… or maybe I’ll read!  Or…gosh, there is so much I can do! 

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  1. Oh, enjoy your delectably, luscious QUIET weekend!!!!  I\’m so jealous!!! Wish I had one of those coming soon!  :o)

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