Husband for Sale – or burial

Me, to Alan ~ "You have got to be kidding!!"  (and if looks could kill, yeah, I’d be digging a hole in the back yard)  His reply ~ "Why?"  So, I am desperately trying to get the house clean before tomorrow a.m. when the appraiser comes (Yes, I realize it’s an issue that I’m online rather than working!!  Well, I can’t work if my head blows up, right??  This needs out.)  So anyhow, I’ve been doing laundry like there’s no tomorrow – ’cause in a way, there isn’t – and finally last night, I broke down…. I went out into the garage, pulled in the gigantic storage bins we bought to tidy up the garage, and I’ve just started filling ’em.  45 gallon totes, and so far I have 3 that are full of nothing but dirty laundry.  (Okay, so I have issues.  I actually enjoy washing the laundry, but I’m anal about it – another one of my ‘perfectionism’ flaws.  I only use the dryer for towels and undergarments…everything else is hung to dry.  But when it’s only 65 degrees in the house, it takes forever for the laundry to dry…days… so it really piles up…yeah, I know, I’m a freak.)  This morning I got up extra early and started in.  He kept telling me to call my mom – "she’ll help you clean."  No freaking way!  Does he think I’m my sister??  (that’s a whole other issue, don’t get me started or I’ll be here all day!!  She’d call my mom crying and mom would go right over… I refuse, do you hear me!!  At 46 I shouldn’t need my ‘mommy’ to come clean my house because I’m too lame to do it myself!!)  So here is what went down… I’m stuffing stuff, and he asks "Would you mind washing this load for me?"  "Uh, yeah, I would… you are joking, right?  Ha ha ha.  Funny man."  But, no.  He’s totally serious.  "I’m going to need those jeans for tomorrow. It’s not a big deal, right?  Geez."   Is he a moron??!!  Or just a man with a death wish?  Or  just a man??
Okay, I’m better now.  Back to it!

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  1. he\’s just a man Ann…a normasl \’man\’ i guess.
    God bless you Ann, for being a wife,…and a mother!
    and remember, not every woman gets that privilege….

  2. Somehow my Dear Heart got past all of that… must have something to do wiht his depression and total lack of caring for anything home related at the current time.  He\’s in his "it\’s all about the work" part of the cycle… so I might look forward to having him back under foot sometime iin 2010…
    Ouch on that head injury… and sorry you had to give your heart away to that adorable dog… I hate it when you can\’t help but love\’em!
    have a great weekend!
    Tammy  :):):)

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