The Best-Laid Plans of Men (or women!)

I had it all planned out:  Drop Kiki off at the Co-op.  Chat with the other moms at our Tuesday morning gab-fest.  Drop off loan papers.  Go to the market for milk and coffee.  Come home and clean, clean, clean.   I don’t have to pick Kiki up until 5:00 as they have Talent Show rehearsal.  It was all good until just before 7am…yeah, it fell apart that fast!!  Alan called and said to me "when you are done dropping Kiki off, will you please call me?  I need you to take a look at my head."  Seems he hit it on the metal roll-up door of a storage shed at work.  Oops.  He figured he could "walk it off"…you know, that ‘guy’ thing.  My thoughts upon seeing it were more like, uh, no, how about we go see the doctor? …. he was sure I was overreacting.  He now has 5 staples in his scalp.  I actually know a thing or two, don’t I?! 
Check it out…it’s totally gross!!   (I took the pictures because he wanted to see how it looked, but I figured, Hey!  Why not share with you all?!  You are welcome. 

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  1. One of my sons had a similar thing happen when he was a child. Forget how many stitches he needed.  He was very brave about it.  Your hubby may have been able to "walk it off" but then …there might be infection…and if he ever shaved his head their would be an unsightly jagged scar…if it didn\’t keep opening up from not being healed properly etc.  You are a good wife. 

  2. yes, the man thing.  Thank heaven for new cameras that we can do these things so easy.  Remember the days of taking the picture, dropping it off at the drug store and wait one week for them to come back.  oop, well, I do….LJ

  3. I love the instant picture thing too.  I\’ll have to remember that if my hubby gets another head injury.  Last time there was nothing and he kept making me look.  I didn\’t think of taking photos.  Glad he is okay.   Your entry reminded me of the saying "The best way to make God laugh is to make plans."  : ) 

  4. Ouch ! Ouch !! Ouch !!!  I hope the head is better.  Makes me hurt just looking at it.  I wanted to stop by to thank you for the blog comment from a few days ago. I would have been by sooner but I have been sick. I am SO HAPPY to know that I am providing you inspiration.  If I can do that for one person every day that is all I need to feel successful 🙂  Hope you are having a great week ! Love and Aloha – Shanz

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