Ha Ha!! Check it out ~

Look at my closet!!  Just look at it, will you??  Isn’t it lovely?  And orderly?  Oh, it makes me so very, very happy!
 I could just sit in there for awhile….
Of course, if you could just turn around and see the mountain of shoes and clothes that now fill my bathroom just behind you… you’d laugh so hard you’d wet your pants… and that’d be because you’d find it nearly impossible to reach the toilet…guess the word is "impassible",  lol.  Of course most of the shoes will go back in, now that I found some floor space.  At least half the clothes, if not more, will be donated to a thrift shop somewhere.  Including a whole lot of what is hanging up; it doesn’t fit and I’m not keeping it anymore.  If and when I lose weight I can buy new stuff, right?  That is my focus today, to clear out the bathroom (you know, when you hit middle age like Alan and I, sleeping thru the night becomes a lost art… there is always almost a trip to the restroom required… and it’s rather dangerous, right now… ascending Mt. Everest comes to mind… in the dark…with a full bladder….lol!)
How is it that I can love tidiness and organization so dang much, yet be such a "messie"??  No wonder there is so much chaos in my head!!

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  1. Your closet looks great!  I am in that in between stage of going through the extra stuff to get ready to take to the thrift shop.  Most of the closet is orderly except for that pile on the floor…lol.  If I were still single…it would have been gone by now…except I have to consider what to show K as choices to keep, which would be things I think he would think might really be used again.   I don\’t even show him the other stuff…lol.  If he doesn\’t think he can use it…he thinks it might eventually be an antique.  I am all for antiques but would rather it already REALLY be one. 

  2. i have OCD and i think you did a great job!!
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

  3. Yt is this not what closets where made for.  Even the one inside my brain needs some cleaning out and donating the extra every now and then.  I do understand what you mean.  I\’ve got that donate and recycle thing down to near twice a year now.  If I didn\’t wear it last season, then someone else can.  Very few things stay on any more.  LJ

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