The Shame of it All

We are trying to get a home-equity line of credit.  Just in case Alan doesn’t find a job quickly, and the house doesn’t sell right away – it’s our "fallback" option.  Some way to pay our bills and not get into foreclosure or anything.  Sure, we hope not to have to use it – but just to have it there, in case.  Which  brings me to the shame…. we’ll need an appraisal.  He’ll want to come next week.  Today I have been cleaning my closet.  I have been slapped in the face with two serious realizations:  (not like I didn’t already know, but when it hits you between the eyes like this!)     1)  I gave a couple old sweatshirts of mine to Kiki.  She’s 10… they used to fit me.  As an adult.  How did I let this happen to me??!!   (and why are they still in my closet?? which brings us to)   2)  I am an enormous slob.  (more ways than one)  My closet is a disaster area of epic proportions. Don’t think for a moment that I am exaggerating!  I could take pictures to prove it…but that would add to my shame, wouldn’t it?   I am humiliated.  I am ashamed to call myself me.  sigh

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  1. Financial distress is definitely going around.  Several people are in deep and don\’t know how to get out, including us.  So, we feel your pain.  As far as the sweatshirt, oh well!  Don\’t worry about it, at least your doing something about it.  Just keep at it and maybe you can steel it back from Kiki someday!  Just wanted to stop in and thank you for your comment about my rollerskating disaster.  It was humiliating, but my husband helped me get over it.  I wrote an article and posted some sights that deal with weight loss.  You may be interested in taking a look.  You can find it at  I hope you find it useful.  God bless.

  2. I cleaned house for a living, you sould see my place.  Clean almost, yet the clutter is only neatly stacked to give the illusion of order.  Waking up and realizing that someone added to your size is taken lighter if you just blame it on those new dryer temps that shrink all this new fabric they make clothes of now a days. 
    I know that you are making a good plan for the further with getting the loan thing set up just in case.  Good thinking on your part.  Give yourself three stars on the refrig. for that.  Give yourself five more just for having the courage to share this with the world.  That is what will get you through this.  And being a veteran of financial ruins the appariser will not care what condition it looks like, he is trained to look for it\’s potential.  And anything they appraise it for will be more then you need if that time comes.  Yet I know that being prepared like this will ward off those evil spirits.  Good luck  LJ

  3. My husband is from the "pack rat" family and I am from the "alles im ortnung"…everything in order family.  We have merged successfully.  😉  I have discovered I can live with both…lol.  I think it is called LOVE.  You stop being ashamed…hear me?  Just get it neat for selling.  I am trying to slowly (craftily?) get rid of the unnecessary, to Salvation Army and the like, so we will help others and have less to clean up after, except for what we need and will use, like I used to do before I was married to K.  
    It was also fun to share with church family and friends during Spring clean-up when I saw that they could use something we didn\’t need, or vice-versa, and yard sales brought in a bit of cash too.
    Preparing to move could be a great opportunity for you to get rid of the clutter you don\’t want or need. 
    Anyway, my closet is rather cluttered at the moment too and it will be one of my first real Spring projects.

  4. we all have a space in our house where we stash everything…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

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