Who me? I have stuff to do??

You would think I didn’t have a care in the world!  So far today,  I slept in ’til 9, made coffee, and sat here at my computer reading the World news headlines… it’s now nearly 10:30.  I haven’t made Kiki start school yet, the house is still the mega-disaster it generally is (and Alan thinks we can get it listed soon?  hahahahah!!!!  Him so funny man.)  The refrigerator repair guy is supposed to be here about noon.  Umm-hmm. 
I’m feeling a bit miffed at Alan right now.  He called this morning, and he’s taking all his managers out for lunch.  Now, he’s done this periodically, I don’t think it’s been monthly, maybe bi-monthly or even quarterly….just to assess where things are and how things are going.  His bosses don’t reimburse him for this.  Up til now, I didn’t care – he’s a good boss who cares about his people and that’s fine.   However, given the fact that we will soon be jobless and therefore penniless,  I don’t think it’s a good call!  Obviously he’s not doing it to any business ends; I mean, at this point he doesn’t really care about how stuff is going out in the stores, right?   He’s doing it because he "already committed" to his managers that he’d be taking them out today.  I told him that I figured they’d probably understand if he bowed out under the circumstances!  Last night we went to the market and bought the barest minimum of necessities, and he’s going to spend more than that amount to take a bunch of folks to lunch??  Anyway, it’s kinda pissin’ me off.  I think he just wants to hang out and whatever, but sheesh…. so do I!  Who’s taking me to lunch??
Well, I think I will go at least get Kiki started on school and clean the kitchen since that’s where the repair guy needs to go….

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  1. Hmmm, it seems you have the same irritation I had when Craig bought a toy on E-bay when I started applying for another job.  I kept thinking, "I am going to work two jobs to help pay off debt and you feel the need to buy a toy?  A toy?  A TOY!!!"  Men are from Mars, aren\’t they?
    My new blog is at http://freckledfirelily.blogspot.com
    Come and visit some time!

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