Disclaimer on the YouTube clip!!

Please understand I am NOT promoting the folks behind this video…it sounds all ‘evolutiony and new agey’…but I thought the animal video was cute, since I have all three of those pet types!

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  1. Catching up here, Ann, and I am praying already for your financial situation.  We are in a similar pinch.  The thing I have held onto tightest in this world, other than my children and grandchild, is my home.  I believe with all my heart God is using our financial situation to get me to release my grip.  To trust Him fully.  I\’m not saying that I am alright with losing my home.  Far from it.  However, I am in the thinking process of getting my home ready to sell (I do these things in steps and thinking through a plan is step one).  I pray that your hard working husband will, because of his and your faithfulness, find an excellent job before the creditors are at the door.
    Proverbs 3:5,6   g

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