“Two Things About Me” Tag….



I "borrowed" (stole??) this from Guinevere’s space…..she said anyone who wanted to could do it…so I guess it’s not really stealing!  My brain is too tired to come up with much on it’s own today…..

Two Names You Go By:




Things You Are Wearing Right Now:

blue fleece pants- comfy!

U of Michigan sweatshirt (my b-i-l was a professor there for awhile – he’s at another U now)


Two things you want (or have) in a relationship:



Two of Your Favorite Things to do:

horseback ride



Two things you did last night:

drove down (slid down??) the ski hill

watched a movie with my family

Two people you Last Talked To:

Alan (the husband!)

Kiki (2 seconds ago…me – "can I have a moment, please?") 

Two Things You’re doing tomorrow:


monthly extended family dinner 

Two Longest Car Rides:

Southern California to Montana

one side of Kansas to the other side of Missouri (may not have really been that long, but with a fellow student and two professors all night long in a freezing air conditioned car when I could have been – should have been – sleeping… seemed like a million miles!)


Two Favorite Drinks:

coffee (my addiction!)

Diet Coke


Two Things About Me you may not have known:

I wished I’d finished college (I was majoring in Equine Industries)

I ran away from home once – got as far as the backyard tree! (I was up there a long time, tho!)



Two jobs I have had in my life:

Chalkboard Sign Artist

worked in a dairy


Two Movies I would watch over and over:

Truly, Madly, Deeply

uhmm…gosh, there are a lot, actually…. 



Two of my favorite foods:

ice cream


(sure, there’s some "real" food I like, but…) 

Two places I’d rather be right now:

The coast (sunny and warm, or even Oregon coast…just watching the waters)

Out to eat….or IKEA…or maybe back in bed…. 


I tag whoever wants to do it! 




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  1. Ann,
    Enjoyed learning some new things about you.  Next time you drive to Montana…if you just keep going north, and over the border, we could to get together for tea, scones, and ice-cream.  My friend\’s recipe for cranberry scones is so delicious.  We could crank up the ice-cream here…and Lizzie would love to sit on Kiki\’s shoulder.  But first we would have to have a nice BBQ with your hubby and mine discussing the finer points of the best way to BBQ.
    Wish I knew how to put you in the way of the scholarships that they offer so you could finish that degree.  I\’d also like to read
    more about you being a chalkboard sign artist.  Have seen some creative work in that line.
    Also have to renew our passports to head south and see what Montana, Idaho, and Oregon have to offer.  You \’ve got me wanting to travel.  Have a lovely weekend!

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