Good Afternoon!

Just popped in to say "hey"!  I’ve just got a few minutes…. so the promised "scoop" will have to come later.  Just didn’t want anyone to worry about where I’ve gone!  Thanks to all who are praying, I know that’s the best help.  Well, unless you have a spare million$ to send, that’d be good too.    Alan had an interview today… it mainly annoyed him!  Poor guy.  He said they made him take a really stupid "aptitude" test (he applied for a type of job he’d done for years!  Sheesh.)  It took over an hour.  Then the corporate guy he was supposed to interview with was late (flight issues) so he didn’t even get to do the interview!  Not a great beginning  
In other topics, Kiki’s poor old rattie is not doing too well.  She seems a little unsteady on her feet.  She’s still eating well, and seems basically happy (as if I could tell??).   Most rats prefer company so I feel bad she’s alone, but the reasons for not getting her a new companion are  1) she’s the one who kept beating up her last cage buddy 2) she may be sick and I don’t want to infect another rat 3) she’s old – for a rat – so she might not be around all that much longer anyway 4) Kiki said she wants her next rat to be a male (they get bigger, they are slower and more likely to cuddle than the females) and that being said, well, I’m sure not getting a male to stick in with our poor old female…don’t want a pack of rats!
I think I made myself sick last night.  I was all stressed out over not getting dinner ready on time (just pizza, homemade, before Kiki and Alan left for Awanas).  When it was finally done, I ate some.  I immediately felt gross.  I had intestinal issues all night, and it was so bad this morning I actually called Alan and had him come home from work to take Kiki into the co-op this morning.  Both Kiki and Alan had some of the pizza when they got home and they’re fine, so it wasn’t the food being bad or something… just to me.  I’m feeling decent now, so I guess I’ll be able to make it to the school board meeting….
Well, it’s off to the showers for me!  Y’all take care.

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  1. I  know its easier said then done, but don\’t stress yourself out to the point of sickness. It\’ll all fall into place – we may not know it or see it, but He has a plan. Right?

  2. My stomach doesn\’t handle stress issues well either.  Just learn to relax and refocus.  It\’s easy to let ourselves drift away from what we really need when we\’re in a crisis.  Hang in there, girlie!  :o)

  3. maybe just a bit of a bug…feel better soon…
    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

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