ATTENTION!! Prayer Request, please

I’m trying not to freak out here…. we just found out today that Alan will probably be out of a job in a month’s time.  His is our only income (I’m so much better at spending money!)  We have no savings, no plan… but we do have a mortgage, a car payment, a visa bill…. I will be back to give some more details later, but I wanted to ask right away if you would lift us up in prayer.  I know God is faithful.  Of course, what I don’t know is what He’ll do to help us grow….lol! 
Thank you all so much

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  1. You are definitely in my prayers!  I\’ll pray for a quick solution to your situation, but I\’ll also be praying for His peace…which surpasses all of our understanding!!!  :o)

  2. Dear Ann,
    I know this isn\’t your favorite answer to prayer…but just wanted to let you know that I am one of those praying for you…and have confidence that the Lord is making a way for new opportunities…as scary as this seems right now.   I also know that YOU know it…lol.  Good to be in agreement in prayer, with the family of God though…and what an awesome priviledge!
    Love and hugs, as we join  hands to see what our Mighty God will do!

  3. Oh Ann, I\’m sorry that you have to go through this storm….I pray that God will show Himself strong on your behalf and be Jehovah-Jireh (God our provider) during this time. 

  4. What a scary situation you are in.  I will pray for you also and pray for God\’s peace for you too.   We\’ve not been in this type of situation (yet) but have been in other hard times and God has been there.  Keep looking to Him.

  5. Hey Ann,
    I certainly will join you in prayer for your present financial situation. One idea that might help is Crown Financial Ministries. I first heard of them through Dr. James Dobson. They\’re website is . They have a radio program to where they take on-the-air calls from people with questions like what you\’re facing.  I am absolutely positive they can help you guys sort this situation out and how to deal with your debt in the process. They are VERY good at that!! Just know that you have prayer partners lifting you up in prayer. O.k.? God bless!

  6. Me again. In fact, their "Hot Topic" today is "Surviving a Financial Crisis". Give \’em a look-see.  Couldn\’t hurt.   (((HUGS)))  and prayers.

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