More of the Crazy Kitty

You would think I like the darn cat more than I like the dog…no, it’s just that the cat is more….hmmm….interesting.  Goofy.  Photogenic??  I don’t know, but he’s always doing something that makes me run for my camera…
such as…climbing into the clothes storage/shelf thingy I put in Kiki’s closet (to put clothes in, for Heaven’s sake…)
or climbing into rolled up posters…

and promptly going to sleep….

He has also claimed posession of my best and most favorite chair, which is now adorned with a lovely beach towel to keep it clean, if not particularly elegant looking….

All the poor dog can do is try to help Kiki with her schoolwork!!




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  1. The cat is so cute.  They are interesting.  I have one that always wants to sit on my book while i am trying to read it.  Doesn\’t work out too good.

  2. love that \’crazy kitty\’ ….what\’s her/his name?
    i\’ll show those pictures of your kitty and dog to my neice, bet she\’d enjoy looking at them! she loves all sorts of animals and wwhen it comes to feline friends,…well…it\’s a \’nothing but\’…..some of those you can see in my albums…
    your V-day dessert,…..romantic!

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