Happy Valentines Day, Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day to all my friends!!
My gift to my husband was to find the kitchen table so we could actually eat a meal at it tonight…yeah, I know, I’m pathetic!  Well, I bought him a shirt, too….does that help?!  lol.  Seriously, we haven’t eaten at the table since the holidays…what, like a month and a half??  Yeah, because the office got so trashed we’ve been doing school at the kitchen table…and crafts… not a good deal.   We now have one corner of calm in the storm that is my home.  I decorated it all up, it’s very sweet.  : )  You see, I’ve had issues with V-day for some years now… it was the day after – many years back – when he was gone all evening the night before ‘shopping’ and the next day there wasn’t a gift to be found…. well, it was then the "dam broke" and he told me about the affair… funny, but I haven’t felt like doing much for this day for awhile.  I guess I’m doing much much better now, eh?  Because I got really excited about it this year, even though we are fairly broke and it’s not like I expect a fab gift  (I mean, really… I bought him a t-shirt!!  heehee)  Anyway, change is good….. 

Here is our little table…. I’ve been to Tar-zhay…. love ~ love that store!!
Alan and Kiki are out buying groceries for dinner…. Alan’s gift to me is that he’s cooking!!  I don’t  even care what we have as long as I don’t have to shop for it or cook it!! 
In other news….
Tomorrow is another ski lesson.  The weather’s been clear all week, so the drive up shouldn’t be too bad.  I think I’m going snowshoeing again.  Have you ever gotten yourself into something that you decided you wanted out of, but by then it’s far too late??  Yeah.  I’m so there.  My sister was telling my mom about my adventure, and my mom called me and asked how hard it was, because she’s been wanting and wanting to try it, and she wondered if I thought she’d be able to.  I was like "C’mon!  You  may be 76 but you’re in waayyy better shape than me! (‘Cause, seriously… last week I was honestly thinking ‘well, if I have a heart attack, they have Life Flight up here….’) If I can do it, you totally can!!"  So she’s decided to come along… and by now I am totally wishing I could just laze around the lodge…..  guess God thinks it’s time I get up off my lazy bee-hind, huh?  Good news, though… I decided if I was going again, I’d better get something better than jeans to wear… so, I went to the thrift-store (because I hate spending $$ to clothe this body!) and I found some sweats that would’ve been okay, but I really wanted fleece….well, K-*art was right next door.  I never go there… I don’t know, I just don’t like that store.  But on a whim, I went…  I found some polar fleece pants on sale for $10., which was the same price as the sweats at the thrift store…but better yet, when they rang up they were actually down to $3.50!!  Cool, eh!!  So it wasn’t too painful.  Which I can’t say about snowshoeing!! lol.
Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day…. even if you buy yourself flowers!!  You’re worth it!!


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  1. Happy Valentine\’s Day to you too!!!  I hope dinner (even if mac and cheese) is fabulous!!  I love your decorations and your great attitude.  I\’d say you\’ve come a long way!
    Take care and have fun in the snow.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Your Valentine\’s decorations are darling.  My table has been buried lately and I was just trying to find it today.  🙂
    Considering what you have been through, it is a true testament to God\’s love that you are able to celebrate this special day.  You do have a knack for celebration!
    I\’m always glad when anyone but me is the cook!  hahahahaha
    Wishing you the best!  Have a great weekend…
    Hope the snowshoeing with your mom was fun.  Hope you post pics. 

  3. love your valentines day ideas, wonderful!!!! thanks for sharing them. I love your floating candles!!. Rose

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