Super (???) Tuesday

I love my country.  I love our freedoms.  But do you ever wonder….huh??  I understand – basically – how the whole election process works.  However, I don’t always "get" it.  To understand is not necessarily to understand.   If you’ve read my blog much, you probably know I’m a conservative, Christian, Republican, right-winger;  whatever you want to call it.  Putting that aside for a moment though, I want to know this….why is it, in this day and age, when most Christians get ripped apart for their beliefs, that Barack Obama and his crew are trying to use his supposed Christianity as a major selling point – and it’s working???? If some other candidate (like, say, a Republican) was out there saying "look at my beliefs, look how Christian I am – the Lord told me to become president"…. the media would be shredding him, making him a laughingstock.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t love to have a sold-out-for-Christ president.  That’d be totally awesome!  What I’m saying is A) I don’t trust him, and what he’s saying; is it just a ploy to get our minds off the whole muslim thing (I don’t know the man, so I can’t say either way…but it makes me go hmm…) and B) if any of the other candidates were espousing the same line, they’d have already been pushed out of the running.  Now, don’t anyone get on here and tell me how wondrous Obama is, or how narrow-minded I am, or whatever.  Because that’s not my point.  Obviously, since I’m a Republican I don’t want any of the Democratic candidates to become president.  Duh.  I’m also not saying that all Muslims are terrorists or anything.  It’s just sort of strange, the way things are twisting, don’t you think??  In all the years since I’ve been old enough to vote – actually, before that – since I was old enough to listen to my parents about their voting – we’ve had presidents I’ve liked and ones I haven’t liked and so on, of course.  But this is the first time I’ve been truly scared about where our nation might be heading.  Seriously.  My comfort is in knowing that it is God who places people in power, to bring about His will (it says so in the Bible, so I believe it!).  But I guess it could be His will that our country goes to Hell in a handbasket, right??!  Maybe the End is near?!  Lol, I’m kidding, but do you know what I mean?  

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  1. Well, Huckabee was grilled about some of his Christian beliefs awhile back…I think mainly because he\’s been a pastor…and look how they treated his "Christian"-ness.  I\’m with you on this one…why is it one way for one candidate and the other way for another…?  Media bias maybe? 
    I\’m just sayin\’…

  2. I usally love your blog, but I do feel like I have to say something here – I\’m confused as to why anyone in the Republican party is counted as a Christian just on their say so – because they\’re acions sure aren\’t very Christian at all. What part of WWJD involved going to war and killing people? Or making it so people of all colors and nationalities couldn\’t share what wonderful land God has given us by putting up a fence? I\’m sure a "personal relationship with Jesus" is a very nice thing, but I\’ve never read Jesus as being a hate-mongering, war-mongering kind of guy, and I\’d like to think that his followers aren\’t either – unfortunately since I\’ve lived in the US these past 10 years, I\’ve started wondering. It\’s why this Christian is voting Democrat – and specifically for Obama.

  3. This is to Chris – That is really partially the point I\’m trying to make!  I never said any Republicans are Christians just because "they say so".  So why is it I am supposed to believe Obama is a Christian just because he "says so". ???  That\’s exactly the double standard I\’m talking about!  I\’m certainly a proponent of "all colors and nationalities"….I don\’t believe I\’ve ever said otherwise.

  4. Ann, I know EXACTLY what you are say and I sooo agree.  I voted my conservative Christian conscience today and leave the rest to God.  But I know that Huckabee\’s Christian roots may distance many who only see him as a right-wing conservative who only wants to bring his beliefs into the Oval Office.  Would that be a bad thing?  We\’ll see what happens.
    Take care,

  5. Wow, lot\’s happening in the last few blogs as I\’m catching up!   I am very excited and praying for you and Alan to have the wisdom to make the decision about the foster home.  I believe it could be an amazing experience for you all.  🙂
    Loved the kitty blog.  We call them "hair doolies" at our house.  haha
    As for this blog, I agree with you and I like what Beth wrote.  
    Thankfully, we believe that God is in charge and has a plan.
    Dave and I go to Mayo tomorrow to meet with the doctors after he has some scans to see how the chemo is working.  My sister will stay with the kids.

  6. It\’s funny you posted this  right now as my husband and I just had this conversation. We were talking about revelations. Somewhere in there it says a beast will arise having blonde hair and blue eyes and all the world will love them and they will be the beginning of the end. I truly don\’t read the bible and the last I actually read revelations I was 15 so I don\’t remember exactly what it says but it\’s definitely food for thought. This presidential election is an extreme one especially with the other candidates throwing in the towel so early in the race. Both of them are doing well in the polls but what else could they do since theres only two of them? And we really do already have at the 7 deadly diseases that can\’t be cured. It would interesting to know what ministers are thinking right now.

  7. Beth – thank you so much for your kind words.  You said a lot of things I wanted to say, but felt that if I did I might again be \’misread\’ and you\’re right…  I\’m not so much for fighting, lol!   I am glad that it appears my blog really is presenting me for who I truly am…warts and all!!  I try to be transparent in my life.  One of the things that bugs me is, as you said, the variance in what people call "Christianity"… I not sure that even some who call themselves one even really know what they\’re saying.  I just keep leaning on the Lord – it\’s up to Him to sort it all out!  Thanks again! 

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