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So I feel like I have to explain about this…. have you ever heard of the "Flight of the Conchords"?  They’re a band…sort of… music group…two guys…. hilarious… but, it’s one of those things, that you either "get" and you’ll wet your pants laughing, or you "don’t get" and you’ll go  "What the…???  How is that funny?"  It’s that kind of humor.  Well, this ad is based on their work.  Written and produced by a British guy I know, who owns an ad agency.  He’s also in the praise band at our church, as is one of the guys in this ad – for a local coffee bar. 

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  1. Uh…. I was going to say I\’d never heard of them …. then I really read this and I have to watch the YouTube to be able to comment.  Standy by..

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