Cats – good entertainment value

I think I need a good lighthearted blog entry, so I think I’ll write about the cat.  Oh-my-gosh!!  I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I get out of this little guy…even if some of it comes in sort of a twisted sense (hahaha!! look, he’s stuck again, lol!!)  Yeah, okay, so we can be a little mean – hey, if he can attack our ankles when we walk by, then he deserves to get the dog ‘sikked’ on him!  Hey, where did that saying come from, anyhow?  You know – "sik ’em, dog"…??  Which, of course, we don’t actually say to our dog anymore, because she doesn’t get it – she’ll just look at us with a blank stare … we just yell "get the kitty!!"  That gets her going.  She’d never hurt the cat… and he’ll just keep coming back for more, so it obviously is just a game for him.
The cat loves hair-doobies.  Oh – well, that’s what we call them here…I’m talking about those round, covered-elastic pony tail holders.  The weird thing is what he does with them… if I leave any laying around, he snatches them, and puts it…. in the water bowl.   Every time.  I bet I pick about one a day out of that water dish.  Yeah, I know, Alan keeps telling me "well, if you’d just put them away.."  Whatever, dude.  Most of the time, I leave them on the bathroom counter…it’s not like they are all over the house or anything.  So, the  cat will jump up on the masterbathroom countertop,  snatch the hair-doobie, carry it into the kitchen, and drop it in the waterbowl.  Why??  Can anyone answer that?  Yesterday, I picked two hair-doobies and a plastic twist tie out of the bowl. 
What a weirdie!!
He also enjoys a ride in the stroller (Kiki has one for her dolls)…..
He’s also pretty sure he could catch some snowflakes if we’d just let him go out!!!
So, we did.  He’s supposed to be an indoor-only kind of cat, but we’ve let him out a few times, just when we’re out, too, because he yowls and yowls and wants out sooooo bad!!  He didn’t hate the snow nearly as much as we’d hoped… dang it.
Except when the dog started chasing him… he didn’t appreciate that so much.
You know how cats like to knead?  Well, every cat I’ve ever known does it in this slow, contented "I’m happy and all’s well with my world" kind of way.  Not this guy!  First of all, the only place he kneads is my hair against my pillow.  Why??  Not only that, he does it with the speed and enthusiasm of a terrier digging in the garden!  I swear he’s gonna destroy my hair.  What is his deal??!

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  1. Ann,
    As a feline lover, with 4 of my own, this was a delightful blog to read, and with going stir-crazy because of the winter weather, in was a great get away…so thanks!
    Years ago, I had a male cat that kneaded my hair the same way…and only my hair…which was long and all over the place on a pillow.  Cats do like their textures and smells and are individual about what they like.
    It tickled me that your kitty puts things in the drinking water.  =)  Do the kitty and dog share a bowl?  Might be a possessive jesture.  One of our kitties will use just about anything as a play-mouse and we will find things like rubber bands, big paper clips. and pens in the most unlikely places.  The same kitty horded newspaper as a nest behind the couch. 
    Your kitty is a beauty and the pictures of your pets are just wonderful!

  2. I don\’t know why cats do what they do but I have four of them and one of them nurses and kneads on any fuzzy blanket. She\’s over 2 so her nursing days should be over but there she is getting the blanket wet. I throw my cats the ring off the milk jug and they play with it for hours. Cats are crazy little creatures. I have a 13 year old daughter so we have quite a selection of hair ties and I keep them in a mesh laundry bag like for small lingerie and it hangs from the towel rack in the bathroom. My cats will get up in the window and reach down into the bag just to steal the ties. I bought them a fibre optic mouse that squeaks with movement and they run all over the house with that thing playing keep away from each other. Sounds like a pack of dogs running through.

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