Please, tell me I’m crazy and that it’s a bad idea!!

Here is the promised ‘news’ I’ve had for you…well, it’s not really news yet – it’s something that is rolling around in our heads.  In my case, flopping around wildly; whether that’s due to the stress of it, or a lack of anything else inside there to control the crazy, I don’t know.  For quite some time, Alan and I have been praying for the Lord to  show us something we should be doing… something besides the day-to-day living for ourselves…something for the Kingdom.   Not that you can’t do God’s work in your daily life, don’t get me wrong…we just haven’t felt like we’ve been contributing.  So last week, my mom calls me and says "Hey, you know how Alan is so unhappy in his job?  [the poor guy has totally had it with middle management!]  Well, I’ve got a job for you guys."  Actually, she was kind of joking, because she figured I’d just laugh at her.  Which I did.  But then I told Alan.  And he got all excited.  Crap.  My parents have these friends who started a home for foster children, because they realized there are always more children who need a place than there are places for them.  So they started this home which can house up to 12 kids (right now only 8 because I guess laws have changed).  They have a staff of 4 – 5  who help out, as well as outside counselors and stuff, but they also have "house parents" who basically live there and, well, be parents to these kids.   Doing all the stuff you’d do with your kids…taking them here and there, feeding them, doing homework, you know – that parent stuff.  Well, they are currently without house parents… I guess most last about 2 years, and they haven’t replaced the last set.  And we are thinking about – maybe – possibly – taking the job as house parents.   ‘Cause you know how great I am at cooking and cleaning, right?  I’d be a great role model, eh?!  The upside is that since this would be Alan’s job as well, he’d be there the whole time so I guess the kids really would get fed something other than cold cereal and pop tarts…My sister pegged it when she said "Oh, Alan would do the administrative work and cooking, and you’d show the kids a good time."  And I thought "Hey, yeah!!  I am good at that!"  I’ve been making a giant list of the ‘pros and cons’ and so far it seems about even.  I will be back to list some of them for you, but now I really must get myself a little sleep.
I would really, really love for you all to be praying for us as we consider this.  It’s a huge thing, and we don’t want to do anything stupid.  We’ve done plenty of that in our lifetimes, and we’d prefer to act"older and wiser" now!  Thanks 

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  1. Praying that God will give you clarity, peace, and open doors, as to what to do, and if it is His will.  It will be very interesting to see your pros and cons list, as well.    

  2. Hi Ann! I\’m sending you a message besides this comment. Good luck to you in making this decision. I have the other side of the story for you in my message from the point of a foster child. Let me know if I can answer any questions you may have. I haven\’t been logging in lately but I\’ll check back over the next few days at least until you make your decision. Feel free to email me too.

  3. Ann – Did Kiki go for the homemade valentines idea?  Would love to see pictures if you do them.  You know, I never even thought about using PIP for games.  Tell Kiki she has me thinking now…lol.

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