Snow Days

These are the things that make me laugh!  Yesterday I received two emails – one from the kid’s ministries at church and one from school (of course, the same gal is secretary for both!) and they cancelled Awanas due to the ‘big storm’ and also school for today.  The weatherman was forcasting some big snowstorm to pass thru…. and I just had to laugh.  Don’t they usually make that call in the morning if it seems like  the driving will be bad?  Especially in our valley.  We are flanked on three sides by large mountain ranges, so the weather here is awfully hard to predict – a storm can be headed our way, then hit the air over the mountains and head off some other direction.  I think the weather guys here are wrong about 80% of the  time!  As I expected, the whole evening went by without a flake coming down…we could have made it to Awanas without any trouble at all….oh, brother.  That’s okay, Kiki is always up for time off.  This morning, I have to admit, is another issue.  It has been snowing since very early a.m. – not a ton of snow, but the wind is howling so it’s really driftng up in spots.   Alan said the roads really aren’t bad, though, and he just has a two-wheel drive pickup, which is about the worst possible vehicle for snow, so if he can make it around, the rest of us could have!  Oh, well.  As you can imagine, Kiki didn’t protest at all about staying home again!  I’m protesting, though…. this was my ‘day alone’ to get some stuff done, and now I have to do the teaching….on my ‘day off”, lol!!  Not fair.   Poor me, I know   Well, I better get to it – that schoolwork isn’t going to get itself done…. I don’t  think Barbie is doing my teaching for me, dang it.

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  1. Tell Barbie to get to work!!!
    Seems like every other day is a snow day here lately – but nothing ever gets called off.  More tomorrow… and Sunday… and

  2. Tell Barbie to get to work!!!
    Seems like every other day is a snow day here lately – but nothing ever gets called off.  More tomorrow… and Sunday… and

  3. Hi Ann,
    I feel like I fell in a hole for a while but I\’ve come up for air now.  🙂
    In a family of six (I\’m number 4) I got left at a gas station once on a family trip.  I also got left at the airport (my mom was a pilot of a small plane).  My sister got left at the Drive-In Theatre and it wasn\’t until we got home a half hour later that my parents got a phone call to come back and pick her up.   The joy of station wagons filled with kids and blankets in the back end!         My heart goes out to you as a little kid chasing the car.  Thank God you weren\’t hit by the trailer!
    Dave is in Mexico for a week and I am cleaning and going through closets, etc.  I\’m really making progress.  Most of the accumulated messes have been waiting since Jonathan came along in April of 2003!!  When he gets back we are going to send the kids overnight for a couple days and "take a trip and never leave the farm"!!  hahaha   I\’m excited .  🙂
    Take care…

  4. So a day off is really not a day off!  🙂 
    Em was home sick yesterday so I took the afternoon off and we cuddled and watched TV.  Not a bad gig except for her sore throat and the other crud.

  5. Realizing how you have to motivate yourself for teaching, especially in homeschooling, with your own child(ren), that you are usually around, a desire to have time for yourself is more than understandable!  God bless you, my friend.

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