Another month zooms by

Is it possible that January is almost over??  What do I have to show for another month lived? 
Kiki and I took a "Mental Health" day yesterday… we stayed home, (it was actually her "in classroom day") did no school, layed around in our jammies, cuddled and watched movies – all day.  Oh, except for when we went outside for a couple hours and built snow forts!   We got over 3 inches of snow yesterday – that’s alot for us.  We really needed that day!  We are feeling a bit overwhelmed, because of life changes we are considering – more on that later!   Today it is back to life-as-usual:  School, housework, pet play, etc.   And blogging, of course!   ooh, and maybe I’ll sneak in a game of solitaire… I’m getting addicted to that….
Last night we watched part of "’Biggest Loser".  Holey cow… I was looking at these women who are quite overweight (I mean, duh, that’s the point of the show, right?) and I’m realizing I weigh more than some of them.  It’s weird how my mind somehow hasn’t quite wrapped itself fully around the ‘largeness-that-is-me’….it’s like anorexia in reverse… I don’t see the reality of my body….am I really that huge??!!  Of course, the answer is "yes".   I am red-faced with shame as I tell you that we watched that show while enjoying some ice cream…actually, it wasn’t all that enjoyable after all. 
It’s time to pop in the shower – I need to run to Tar-zhay before taking Kiki to Awanas tonight, pick up some "good-bye and good-luck" gifts for the two girls we’ve been carpooling with, as it is their last day tomorrow – they are moving out of state.  To Seattle, the lucky dogs!  I am jealous!  I really loved living there…the rain didn’t bother us at all.  I will be back to share our current prayer need on the whole "life-change" dealie soon!

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